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Well damn...

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I wish I would have known about this site a couple years ago. I didn't realize there were any cool Marlins sites on the net. I could have had a place to b***h and whine prior to last year when we kept losing. :banghead


Hopefully we can stay healthy are repeat this year. :D


I'm a tad worried about Choi and Gonzo, though. If they don't improve, it will be hard to repeat with three automatic outs in the lineup. Perhaps we should let Willis hit 7th when he pitches. :thumbup

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welcome NN. despite that ugly "Seminole" reference in your name, always nice to have more Marlins fans here! :thumbup

....btw, Alex wasn't exactly an automatic out last year. That was the best season of his career. even with the awful slump he was in during the late months, I'd still take those numbers any day!

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Welcome to the boards!


I think that we can repeat this year-I think we have a better team than we did last year-but we have to play like a team like we did last year-If we dont play like a team and have everyone do their job than I dont think we will win even though we have a better team.


We beat the Yankees in the WS last year-but with all their money and all their great players they really have a better team-we just won because we know how to put all of our talent together...and we didnt get to the WS by one guy stepping up...it was the whole team-everyone game someone else came up with the big hit...we have to play like that this year if we want to repeat.

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We have plenty of talent (and options) on the playing field....so no realy worries this year. With our starting rotation we will be in the mix come September. Looks like we may have a few nice options in the BP as well...a chance to bring up some nice young arms.....Nannini, Gracesqui.

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Thanks for the greetings fellas and girls.




So does that mean you are a Gator or a Cane?




As for Gonzo, I think we might be better off hitting him 6th, Castro 7th, and Choi 8th. Gonzo always seems to try to do too much at the plate. Perhaps in the 6th spot, he'd be more patient, draw more walks, and not feel the pressure as much since he'd have Castro to protect him instead of a pitcher. Since he swings at so many bad pitches, I think he is a guy that needs a good hitter behind him so the pitcher will give him better pitches to hit.





I haven't seen Castro enough on TV to determine how good he is defensively. Is there really that much of a drop off? I think Pudge is the best catcher of all time, but he isn't half the defensive catcher he used to be, IMO. I don't think his defense, besides his arm, will be as hard to replace as some think. I think Castro has All Star potential.

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