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  1. Yeah.......this will do alot of good.
  2. Bears need to put in Wolfe and Orton.
  3. START GRIESE!!!1111 The Bears need to put in Wolfe.
  4. Cantu can't field and can't walk. Have fun.
  5. Im pretty sure Pelfrey or Humber could match Dontrelle's 5+ era next year. Will you go away. Seriously.
  6. Why would they shop Felipe Lopez? AFAIK they don't have any good 2b/ss major league ready in the minors...which would leave them with (wa-na-na) Christian Guzman. Because he is an awful fielder who can't hit?
  7. Nationals Shopping Lopez, Kearns According to Bill Ladson of MLB.com, the Nationals are shopping shortstop Felipe Lopez and outfielder Austin Kearns. Two targets: Mike Pelfrey of the Mets and Kevin Slowey of the Twins. It wouldn't be surprising to see Omar Minaya flip Pelfrey for someone with more immediate value. While the Mets could use Kearns in right field, he's not the type of return one envisions for Pelfrey. Maybe for a Phil Humber though. Kearns will earn $5MM in '08, and $8MM in '09 plus a $10MM club option for '10 with a $1MM buyout. The 27 year-old hit .266/.355/.411 this year. The match for Slowey seems better - Lopez could play short for the Twins and Kearns might be able to handle center. However, trading Slowey and Matt Garza in the same offseason seems unlikely, and even less likely if Johan Santana is moved. If Lopez's defense is truly improved, maybe the Rays would have interest. OH THE IRONY.
  8. Gimme a package surrounding Cueto and Hamilton and Im happy. And I will vomit.
  9. If that's the trade the Marlins are looking for, then I think Willis is going to stay in South Florida.
  10. The Reds may make a play for Marlins left-hander Dontrelle Willis. Cincinnati finally has decent prospects to trade -- starting with pitcher Homer Bailey and slugger Joey Votto. Josh Hamilton, last year's feel good story, also should have good value now. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/writ...ay.scoop/1.html Reds interested in Lincecum Cincinnati is apparently interested in San Francisco right-hander Tim Lincecum, but if the Giants insist on Reds outfield prospect Jay Bruce as part of any deal, look for the Reds to back off. Bruce, 20, hit a combined .319 with 26 homers and 89 RBIs in 133 games at three Minor League stops in 2007. The left-handed hitting Bruce is considered one of the team's cornerstones of the future. http://wintermeetings.mlblogs.com/nashvill...y_whispers.html
  11. Ohio State and Louisiana State will play for the Bowl Championship Series national title on Jan. 7 in the Louisiana Superdome, while Hawaii qualified for an at-large spot in a BCS game. Ohio State finished No. 1 in the final BCS standings that will be released later today, according to a source, and LSU jumped all the way from No. 7 to No. 2 to seize the second spot. Also, as expected, USC will face Illinois in the Rose Bowl. The complete pairings will be announced later today by Fox. Hawaii rallied from a 28-7 deficit late Saturday night in Honolulu to defeat Washington, 35-28. With the win, the Warriors moved to No. 10 in the final BCS standings and will likely play in the Jan. 1 Sugar Bowl. Hawaii (12-0) needed to finish in the top 12 of the final BCS standings to earn an automatic BCS berth. Hawaii finished as the only unbeaten school in major college football. http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-bcs3de...1&cset=true
  12. 12/12, 190 yards, TD 10-7 Bucs.
  13. HOLY sh*t!!!!!!! WHAT A FAKE!!!!! YEAH
  14. McCown: 11/11, 189 yards Galloway: 4 catches, 130 yards
  15. Well, there's the Saints one trick play for the day.
  16. McCown is 8/8, but we only have 3 points. :|
  17. That was a great throw by McCown.
  18. Nice to see that Michael Bennett is still alive as well.
  19. Solid drive by McCown. 3-0.
  20. Jason Campbell just threw the worst hail mary of all time. That was pathetic.
  21. Lost amongst the shuffle yesterday was the fact that Superman pretty much locked up the Heisman :cool McFadden? It looks more likely then not that Illinois is headed to the Rose Bowl. I'll be pumped if that happens.
  22. Shouldn't you be Senior now? Good point.
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