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  1. Congrats, I remember the day he was drafted..."Why the Braves?" At least he's out of their system... http://forums.marlin...__fromsearch__1 "...and ship him to an organization that knows what to do come october" Well, that came out half true. and so irony upon irony, drafted by a team i loathe, it appears he may make his debut, sunday 9/11 against javier vazquez and the florida marlins...of which i surely will be in attendence and blood is stronger than hometown in this case GO JEFF!
  2. thank you kindly im so giddy i dont know what to do with myself other than imagine how happy and my uncle are now, the only question is....after throwing today, when are we likely to see him again and where will i be traveling to?
  3. and my cousin, Jeffrey Alan Locke is apart of it as he gets the call today after his start for Indianapolis!!!!!!! im so damn excited i dont know what else to say other than to give you guys a link to his minor league stats and go crack open a beer! http://www.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?sid=milb&t=p_pbp&pid=502046 best labor day ever...and best wishes to all!
  4. what is asshat backwards is a middle class who votes for rich people to do the biidding of other rich people It's cute that you convince yourself your guys are different. i dont think they are different...i just think the dems are less likely to screw the middle class completely... something conservatives have been trying to do since FDR was president they want to go back to the days of robber barons and shanty towns...sorry...the 1920's as well as the 1950's are over...lets keep it that way
  5. good for them, i hope they hack everything wide open no one is better than the truth no one
  6. or we could try taxing the rich for the first time in 30+ years...i mean god only knows how much revenue that would bring in... you know, the people that actually have disposable incomes in this country anymore
  7. what is asshat backwards is a middle class who votes for rich people to do the biidding of other rich people
  8. need any further proof that obama is a christian? or should we look at his record on the drug war? if the man were anymore in the middle, he would be malcolm
  9. another of rome's problems? having a standing army that tried to occupy the known world but shhhhhh....how much we spend on our military is a dirty little secret so we can blame all of our money problems on illegals, unions and poor people and its definitely not because the biggest corporations in this country are finding tax loopholes and not paying any? remember when it was your patriotic duty to pay your taxes, so that all americans could live a better life? now apparently its patriotic to say sorry to an oil company who just spilled in the gulf of mexico and give them a tax break too...awesome...just awesome
  10. jeffrey loria sure has a lot of critics, but the man apparently his taste in art is well known and he is quite the passionate guy...so im thinking its going to be something pretty damn cool and if not...well im a marlins fan damn it and i dont really care what these masshole red sox fans think
  11. all the news in the world and this is what gets posted? anyways...you gotta really feel bad for the people of iran who have been screwed over by their own leadership or american leadership pretty much since the dawn of time i can only hope that what is happening in the middle east takes over iran like a brush fireso that the tree of liberty may once again be refreshed by those who believe in it
  12. meh, early bumps and bruises...he will be fine
  13. i played it last night....good stuff...their incorporation of the thumbsticks is really good and easy to control...long overdue if you ask me...cant wait for march 8th...hopefully the hard core junkies will have full rosters out by opening day
  14. Ahh right, Jeff Locke. I remember him now. I hope to see him this year, then! me too...just not against my beloved marlins and id hate to see him have to go against the sox so soon in his professional career being a new hampshire kid and all but thanks and go fish! Maybe he'd strike out the side twice against Boston with the adrenaline rush. Oh snap. one could only hope...he was amazing against the sea dogs last year right before the playoffs...7 ip,8 k's, 3 hits, 1 bb and no runs
  15. Ahh right, Jeff Locke. I remember him now. I hope to see him this year, then! me too...just not against my beloved marlins and id hate to see him have to go against the sox so soon in his professional career being a new hampshire kid and all but thanks and go fish!
  16. call me crazy, but i liked the way that chris volstad was pitching in the 2nd half...a better bullpen will make the starters look good...so will actually playing defense...im ready for a good year...and who knows...maybe my cousin makes his debut in florida...or at the sox...oh god that would be sweet and bittersweet at the same time Sorry for being ignorant, but who is your cousin, sir? ah...sorry...i used to post here more often http://www.baseball-reference.com/minors/player.cgi?id=locke-001jef his name is jeff and in the pittsburgh organization right now...he is a big call of duty fan and so is his roommate, justin wilson(who was the winning pitcher in the 08 college world series i believe)...good guys who love killing digital people and mowing down batters from the southpaw side of life! oh...and he mentioned me to scott olsen during stretching...haha...scott said "a marlins fan in massachusetts? he must be irish and not fond of the sox"
  17. call me crazy, but i liked the way that chris volstad was pitching in the 2nd half...a better bullpen will make the starters look good...so will actually playing defense...im ready for a good year...and who knows...maybe my cousin makes his debut in florida...or at the sox...oh god that would be sweet and bittersweet at the same time
  18. in related news, code name "curveball" admitted that he lied about the intelligence he gave to the CIA about WMD's in iraq and is proud of iraq's liberation also in related news, the city of baghdad is demanding 1 billion dollars from the US because their city is in ruins ok...so it wasnt really related to the topic at hand, but i thought i would point it out to the board conservatives who will surely spin it and quiet frankly...justin beiber is right....the healthcare system in this country is so messed up that even a child can see it...yet propaganda eating adults cannot, how sad
  19. You are correct in the fact that no one has a right to serve in the military. It's not as if I ever stated that, but we will pretend as if you are actually making a legitimate point. Every citizen, however, does have the right of not being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation by a public institution. Yes, the military can discgharge because of obesity, a pregnancy, etc. But you know what? Those things actually hinder performance, unlike simply being gay. If the discrimination was as pure as you're making it out to be in this paragraph, gays wouldn't be allowed to serve. Period. DADT allowed gays to serve as long as their sexuality was kept a secret. It didn't go out of its way to look for gays. Just thought I'd make that distinction. Take that as you may. Just keep in mind that the military didn't care whether or not gays served in the military; the problem seemed to be with other members' awareness of a soldier's homosexuality. Less soldiers (meaning gays being barred entirely) would probably be as hurtful to numbers as openly gay people are to 'military readiness.' That doesn't make any sense. How do you infer that gays would not be allowed to serve based off of my statements? And I don't know what you mean when you say that the military didn't care if gays served in the military if they had a policy that didn't allow member to be gay... It makes perfect sense. Rather than sacrificing a loss of personnel by outright banning all homosexuals, they came to DADT. The name itself is a clear indicator of how far the discrimination goes. The policy isn't that gays cannot serve in the military, it is that gays cannot make public their orientation in the military. That's kind of the point of the name, "Don't Ask Don't Tell.' Otherwise, they'd call it "Tell Us So We Can Kick You." The policy wasn't meant to rid the military of gays. It was just - in true American fashion - made to conceal it. It's a small point; It wasn't really supposed to argue anything more than it's existence. it was a compromise made by clinton to appease the republicans and christian right in this country...not because the military was willing to compromise themselves
  20. That still doesn't mean there is a right to serve in the military. That's why women don't serve in full capacity and are mostly reserved for supporting roles. The military can manage its members in a manner it deems effective for combat. The only way you could probably argue otherwise would be on account of the limitations upon speech. This is plausible, but complicated. The military reserves the ability to restrict speech for functionl effectiveness, but not necessarily in terms of sexual orientation. In this respect, pure prohibition might have been more palatable on one level. being gay isnt a handicap...you dont have to be straight to shoot straight its all about being able to serve with honor if other armies around the world can integrate the gay population...then there shouldnt be a problem in this military...orders are still orders irregardless of how the men feel...our military is a reflection of our own people, our culture, our lifestyle, and most importantly, our laws
  21. i dont see how it is entirely different than the military's viewpoint on women and blacks at one point in history IMO, this is a victory for civil rights in this country when we talk about our American military
  22. Im not even Christian. From what I've written (meaning I'm repeating myself, meaning you should have read this already) it's obvious that my problem is with the politically correct crowd who is easily offended in this country. The change wouldn't be a problem if it came without these stupid perpetual victims taking hostages just to change the offense of the week. Are you a blue dog democrat? Because you don't seem to be ever stick up for conservative ideology anywhere on these forums, which leads me to question if you're telling the truth. A. neither am i B. i generally do as well... C. i dont underestimate the ingenuity of mankind, nor its stupidity...some things change for stupid reasons...for example...this time of year...i wish everyone a merry christmas...and you know why? because i always have...its ingrained in me to do so because its what ive done since i was a child...but i have no control over what other people do or say...so i have to accept it as the way it is and it beats worrying about other people being stupid(in xyz capacity) D. im a massachusetts democrat...i believe what massachusetts has done throughout its history, has set a positive example for the rest of the country to follow...are things perfect here? by no means...there are alot of things that i would do differently than a lot of democrats though...i go on a case by case example...such as the net neutrality that the FCC just passed...both sides pose very intriguing arguments as to why the internet should remain "free" or why corporations should take it over in order to not charge by speed and usage...and most dems i know would wish it to be "free" i also am very much in favor of the death penalty...even more so after sitting on a jury this summer in a child rape case where the step father was raping his 8 year old daughter over the course of a 2 year period...not saying id put this guy to death based on what i heard...but i believe serial rapists, serial child molestors, etc. should strongly be considered for such a death penalty to be executed a lot sooner than most executions take to go through...i believe our strong national defense comes from maintaining our borders, airports, ports, and the like rather than spending billions having bases in far off lands(most we are very peaceful with) and i believe these two wars are among the biggest farses ever sold to the american public and a rather strong showing of the power of the military industrial complex in this country i also believe in ending the drug war...the government lost...people do drugs...limit the really bad ones, legalize and tax pot...oh...and while we are still in afghanistan...give their people something they can make more money off of than the poppy that they grow...would help greatly in reducing H in this country while also limiting the funds of the taliban and al queda in afghanistan so this is an outlier of some my beliefs...you can call me whatever bad kinda of liberal you wish...but after my cousin was drafted...we did a family tree...and being his last name is locke, my mother's maiden name...we did a family tree...that went back as far as john locke and of course he wrote theories on democracy that inspired thomas jefferson...i believe in all those principles in which they speak of...i just generally believe that most people are too dumb to really know what to do with freedom
  23. If you'd read the arguments rather than regurgitate crap you've obviously saved up for a Christmas discussion, you'd realize that the validity of the claims made by the Church is about as far from our discussion as Obama's 1/2009 approval rating is from his 12/2010 approval rating. Honestly, you've got to be the worst liberal I've ever seen. And by worst I don't mean most liberal, I mean worst. well thats how christmas happened...point being...the holiday has changed over the years...just like most everything else changes over the years...its a part of life...again...deal with it as for the worst liberal part....what is your basis? obama? massachusetts liberals? blue dogs? socialists? i actually believe in a lot of conservative principles...such as the death penalty...abortion for rape and incest only...blue laws...and how conservatives are supposed to spend money but unfortunetly, dont basically...from what i can infer...you are angry that christian tradition is slowly but surely leaving this country and holidays such as christmas are less important than they have been from a spiritual standpoint because of the changing of the melting pot that is america and the secularism that is becoming normal among our youth
  24. I love you! If I would ever say this to you in any of our other 'conversations,' you'd foam at the mouth and throw out some of your favorite self-righteous words. Hypocrite. did you know that the early leaders of the church wanted a holiday to celebrate the winter solitice...so in order to attract pagans, they came up with this whole story about jesus being born of a virgin birth and even though thats impossible...and jesus was actually born in nazareth...they had to stretch the truth about his being related to king david and birth location...and then about 1500 years later the germans came up with the idea of stockings and a christmas tree and the commercialization of the holiday as we know it today by the 1900's. so what exactly are you complaining about again? thats the christians told an outright lie in order to attract followers to replace a pagan holiday? does that about cover it?
  25. You still run into the same issue, though: Why do people in favor of "Merry Christmas" have the right to take up arms, but those who favor some other phrase not have the same right? Because those who don't want to say Merry Christmas can say Happy Holidays, but those who choose to say Merry Christmas are sometimes coerced into changing. They aren't forced, but if you look down at something enough, it has the same effect more or less. so basically...do as i say, not as i do or else god will smite you...that about cover it? What? You've really outdone yourself in this analysis. and you have really outdone yourself with empty complaining...so some people in the world dont see the holidays like you do....deal with it
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