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  1. You need to delay his service time to past Super 2 status. That's mid June. He was also hurt for part of last year. Take some reps in AAA and strike out less.
  2. Because he becomes a switch hitting better Marwin if he can handle CF. He'd be tremendous in that role, especially since CF has lower depth with Monte the only viable longterm option right now and he is very volatile
  3. Wittgren is much better than Brice. Wittgren also had an option last year, so that one is still puzzling.
  4. Brice is out of options so that limits flexibility for a backend reliever, and Keller isn't very good. They also have at least 7 comparable or better right handers - Stanek, Steck, Yimi, Brigham, Sharp, Hernandez, and Dugger - plus Guzman likely joining pen midseason. Garcia and Quijada are there only lefty relievers without Conley, and Quijada doesn't really look ready. Vesia is probably a 2021 player considering they can avoid 40 man protection for 1 more year. Conley also has real upside - https://blogs.fangraphs.com/these-three-marlins-lefties-have-some-funky-fastballs/ Relievers
  5. So how about still signing Puig/Castellanos for RF (play Villar in CF). Sign Alex Wood as a reclamation project 4/5th SP And Ryan Butcher for a pen lefty. DFA - Moran, trade Hernandez and one of Dugger/Holloway/Mejia to clear 40 man I can totally get behind this team: Alfaro, Cervelli Aguilar, Cooper Isan Rojas, Berti Anderson Dickerson Villar, Sierra Puig, Ramirez (AAA - Brinson and Dean; Midseason - Lewin, Monte, Sanchez) Sandy, Caleb, Pablo, Wood, Urena/Yamamoto Stanek, Steckenrider, Yimi, Sharp, Urena/Brigham Garcia, Butcher, Conley (AAA - The other of Yamamoto/Brigh
  6. Might be my favorite thread of all time. Thanks
  7. 11 of those guys (including Jazz) are actually on the 40 man, and 2 of them they don't need to protect (Vesia, VVM) for another year. Which leaves Miller as a fringe protection next year. They won't have to make too many moves. An internal 2021 opening day 40 man could be something like this: Alfaro, TBD backup Lewin, Aguilar, Cooper Isan, Berti Rojas, Jazz, Devers Anderson Ramirez, Brinson Monte, Sierra, Miller Sanchez, Dean, Jerar =19 Sandy, Sixto, Cabrera, Pablo, Caleb, Neidert, Rogers, Garrett, Yamamoto, Mejia (10) Stanek, Steckenrider, Sharp, Brigham, Dugger, Guzman, Ro
  8. Given their impending 40 man crunch (which is a moderate issue of protecting all the pitchers), I highly doubt guys like VVM, Vesia, and bigger ticket items like Bleday, get on the 40 man roster bumping someone else off. VVM is definitely a 2021 player. It's an oversight, unless they think he's a second half call up for defense only. I don't see it.
  9. That's risky. Bullpen is getting crowded with Sharp. They are going to move someone. Maybe Brice. Or Steck might not be healthy for the 60 day DL.
  10. It's good if it's a minor league deal
  11. It's important to protect young arms and not expose them if you can. Also, you get the same or more for Urena in June/July if he proves health. He was at his worst last year.
  12. They do need one theoretically until Lewin/Sanchez are up, but they added some redundancy with Aguilar so I'm not sure how it works. If they sign a corner lefty (Calhoun), two of Cooper, Aguilar, and Ramirez are on the bench and why? You need to play those guys? A 1 year lefty CF makes a lot of sense though. Maybe they think Villar (or dare I say Anderson) can play CF which fixes the whole "Calhoun/corner player redundancy" problem.
  13. Yes. I don't want Yamamoto and Hernandez in the rotation. If they trade Urena and sign a 1 year guy to flip at the deadline, sure. Aug 1st I want a 6 man rotation - Sandy, Pablo, Caleb, Sixto, Neidert, Cabrera/Guzman
  14. No more SP moves after shedding Gallen and Richards. Need to hold on all of them until at minimum the deadline. Stay the course. Add a longterm right handed bat (Castellenos, Ozuna, maybe Puig), or absorb bad contracts for prospects (Wil Myers), or do something unexpectedly awesome (trade for Rizzo and extend him). Past that, 1 year cheap free agents and get to the trade deadline.
  15. Let's pray that's an autocorrect for "Betts"
  16. Mazara carrer war - 1.7 (2189 PA) Ramirez carrer war - .4 (446 PA) How exciting is this one. Yawn.
  17. 2019 - .272 BABIP, BB rate increased, K rate decreased. There is a lot of optimism for a real rebound. I don't think he is the savior, but if you add up his production 2017-2019 (2 WAR average per 600 PA), I think that's great for a guy going to make 1/$2.5, and has 2 additional years of control for his age 29-31+ seasons. Relatively no risk, and if he jacks 20 HR by July, they can probably trade him for a good prospect and promote Lewin. There are many things we can point to that they have done wrong, but this isn't once of them.
  18. He does but then they can afford no pitchers. Villar really changes the landscape for them at $75 million for Castellanos/Ozuna absent trades for club controlled pitching.
  19. *By epic I mean Mookie Betts and give him $350 million and a 5 year opt out **None of this is happening
  20. If they got that money it's easy: -Sign Castellanos or Ozuna -Sign a good 1-2 year SP -Sign 1 good RP -Trade Bleday, Jerar, and other minor league assets for an epic CF controlled for years and is ready NOW. Preferably a righty
  21. That doesn't make any sense. It's around $50-55 million right now - as you have to add in club controlled guys and Chen isn't that much as the cash value of his payment is less than $22 this year. If they are intending to have a $100 million payroll, I don't know how you don't sign Castellanos or Ozuna longterm. Rendon, Cole, and Strausburg are dreams, but you can get the other two and that would be a massive development. And no one else is worth "chunk" money to effectively double payroll from where it is today. Also, they got a Comp B pick (not Comp A). Meaning if they sign Ozuna, t
  22. Absolutely. I just feel you put him on Houston or Oakland, and all of sudden he's great. I'm not sure what's missing, but the Fangraphs article is encouraging for him. I think he gets until the Super 2 deadline and then all bets are off. Sink or swim.
  23. Yes, don't need them. They need a longterm right handed bat who will be a stud in 2022 still, or just a cheap veteran lefty to help Berti/Sierra/Brinson in CF. Alfaro, Aguilar, Isan, Rojas, Villar, Cooper, and Anderson are all gonna play. Unless a Castellanos/Ozuna type player knocks Cooper or Aguilar out of playing time, it's CF and P help here on out.
  24. Conley is a lefty and a tweak away - https://blogs.fangraphs.com/these-three-marlins-lefties-have-some-funky-fastballs/ He's a hard hold for next year to see what happens. Keller, Kinley, and Moran are all going to be off the 40 man by spring training.
  25. That’s a non issue. There is some deadweight on there with Keller and Kinley
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