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  1. Given where they are now, only two real courses of action make sense to me (ignoring trades): 1 - Still sign Castellanos/Ozuna with an eye at a front loaded deal and cheap guys in 2022/2023. Who cares about roster alignment this year, just stock pile talent. 2 - One year lefty CF to help Berti/Sierra/Brinson. Alfaro, Wallach Aguilar (Cooper, Rojas) Diaz (Berti, Villar) Rojas (Berti, Villar) Villar (Anderson, Rojas) Cooper, H. Ramirez (Brinson) Berti, Sierra, Brinson, __________ Anderson (Sierra, Brinson) That roster makes sense to me. Not sure who that blank line is though.
  2. I think what he is trying to say is, we're going to sign Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strausburg, and trade the farm system for Mookie Betts, have a top 10 payroll, and compete for championships tomorrow
  3. I mean Bryant is awesome, but I'd rather trade for Rizzo. He will be cheaper in players (say Bleday/Sanchez, Lewin, and Fitterer should do it) and an extension. Likewise, he's from Coral Springs so he's the hometown kid. Alfaro, Whoever Rizzo, Cooper/Aguilar Isan Jazz, Berti Villar Bleday/Sanchez Monte, Sierra, _______ Anderson Get another OF and that team is business. Or, trade for a right handed CF as that makes the most sense. I wouldn't complain to get Bryant though.
  4. Which is great. Maybe try him in CF. If he can play CF, that could solve a lot of problems.
  5. They sure liked him enough to not take him in 14 rounds
  6. Entire AL could have claimed Villar before Marlins I believe. So, that's a risk. Aguilar passed through the AL. Villar probably wouldn't have so the Marlins gave them "something." This is the kind of move we would pan the Marlins for making if we're Baltimore fans. I'd be livid not paying him to trade him in June/July. They'll get a better prospect than they gave up and help bridge the gap to Lewin/Monte/Sanchez. The only negative here is, this eats up money for a longterm signing, i.e. a Castellanos frontload. That's likely not happening now. They will sign Avisail/Dickerson, an inning
  7. Yes. I am speechless they are making real moves.
  8. Yes Imagine being a Baltimore fan where Marlins fans are like “yea this makes sense.” Is Baltimore’s front office trying to sign Lamar Jackson for CF to sell tickets?
  9. Why would we? It's one thing if it's a 1 year experiment like the Dolphins where they cleared the cap space and got the draft picks quick and presumably next year is going to be a radically different team. But year 3 of new ownership after clearing the books and being 1+ year out from the prospects? We all deserve better
  10. Yea I mean they likely aren't going to do it to pay off the "debt" Loria left them, but it's just insane to me because when you BUILD a business, you need to have a good product. It's not show up and we'll buy free agents. It's, we're going to make something fun to watch so you do show up. And when you can do that and have a bottom 3 payroll, while BUILDing for 2022 with frontloading a major free agent bat and an Anderson buyout, I'm just yelling WHY WHY WHY WHY
  11. $75 million opening day Alfaro, Wallach Cooper, "Cheap Veteran type" Isan Rojas, Berti Anderson, "Cheap Veteran type" Castellanos Brinson, Sierra H. Ramirez Sandy, Caleb, Pablo, Urena, "Cheap Veteran type" Stanek, Steckenrider, Brice, Brigham, "Cheap Veteran type" Garcia, Conley 26th man - E. Hernandez, Yamamoto, Dugger, and rotating arms on 40 man Dead money - Chen, Castro We like that team right? Monte, L. Diaz, J. Sanchez, Sixto, Neidert, Guzman, and likely others like Jazz, Cabrera, Rogers, Vesia, etc. are going to break through this season and wipe out the last 7-10
  12. You know what overcomes playing for a challenging franchise for 1-2 years before the prospects are ready: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Payroll is low $40s right now. How hard is it to frontload Castellanos or Ozuna for $20, sign 4 other guys (two bench bats, innings eater, and a reliever) for cumulatively another $12+ million, and you'll have an opening day payroll of $75 million? That would be third lowest in baseball opening day, and in reality, the lowest because Chen and Castro's dead money would put their on the field payroll the lowest.
  13. No because Lindor is one of the 20 players in baseball who you sign no matter what you have. The special guys are the special guys. If you're lucky enough to get a dude like that, it's a great problem to have figuring out where to play everyone. I welcome that problem!
  14. I honestly think they should blow out the farm for Rizzo (Bleday/Sanchez, L. Diaz, Jerar, lower level arm (maybe Stewart if he clears Rule V), and eat Chatwood's contract ($13) to save them money and maybe send Urena ($4+) back their way to offset that somewhat. That saves them at least $35 million and cheap years of the kids to resign Baez/Bryant/sign major SP this year), sign him to a big extension (something like 6/$130 which is fine. He's under contract for 2 years so there is good leverage), sign Castellanos for 4/$64 something, and have the south florida kids be the leaders of the team.
  15. 2021 free agency is Mookie, Realmuto, and a lot of SP (Bauer, Ray, Paxton headline). Everyone else is older and you don't want on a long term deal (Springer, LeMahieu, D. Peralta), or not even "Castellanos/Ozuna" level absent breakouts. I wouldn't want them to spend on this unless they can somehow convince Mookie to come down. Maybe Ray if he is healthy as he's still really young and I really like his stuff if he keeps it together. 2022 free agency is epic - Freeman, Rizzo, Baez, Arenado, Lindor, Correa, Seager, Story, Conforto, Syndergaard, every old ace in baseball (Kershaw, Verlander, Kl
  16. Moneyball is just acquiring guys undervalued - kind of how they are targeting spin rate players (yamamoto) as they may have better chances of developing longterm. They have a lot of debt to pay. Not spending right now on deals - front loaded for 2 years to have cheaper teams when you are "good" - says to me they are just going to tank for 2 more years (as free agency next year sucks), and the plan is to pay off debt and just accumulate so much draft capital let's hope 2022 is good. I think they owe the fans something more than just Corey Dickerson, 4 bench guys, and the lowest payroll in
  17. They get it. The player acquisition has been fantastic of late (except Yelich, that was a terrible deal on paper and even worse in practice), Denbo built the Yankees farm which is great, and say what we will of Hill, he was part of the team that got Yelich, Stanton, Ozuna, Fernandez, and Realmuto (.... and Paddack, L. Castillo, and others they just gave away). Absent Loria meddling, the pathetic state of fan support, and Fernandez's unfortunate far too early death, they had a squad on paper that would have been a major contender. It's been two years of slashing and burning. It's time to "BU
  18. My dream scenario BTW is bringing both the South Florida kids home: Rizzo - they need $$$ for younger Bryant, Baez, and Schwarber deals. Rizzo is 3+ years older for Bleday, L. Diaz, Soriano/Fitterer (some upside arm) Re-sign Rizzo to a 3 year extension, which puts him around 5/$100+ for a his age 30-34 seasons Sign Castellanos outright for 4 years, $60-68 million, in free agency In 2022 yell come at me bro: R Anderson L Jazz R Rizzo L J. Sanchez R Castellanos L Isan R Monte R Alfaro SP Sixto, Sandy, Pablo, Garrett, Neidert RP Guzman, Cabrera, Hernandez, Holloway/Brigh
  19. I mean, on a theoretical level, signing C. Dickerson, claiming Matt Duffy on waivers, and re-signing Neil Walker get you through 2020 which would be "fine" and solid moves, but it just doesn't inspire confidence in a longterm BUILD when you can create assets for 2022 by paying them more money in 2020. What's the plan here, just scorch earth for 5 years and then maybe people will appreciate your ownership approach? You bought a team. We don't expect you to make the playoffs. But can we at least get a longterm starter on a moderate free agency deal? Make some moves besides slashing payroll an
  20. It's easy. They need three dudes: C Alfaro, Wallach 1B Cooper, "Lefty Veteran Backup who can also play LF/RF" (eventually Lewin for sure) 2B Isan, "Backup 2B/3B type, preferably another lefty" (eventually Jazz replaces if he progresses fast in 2020) SS Rojas, Berti 3B Anderson LF "Longterm right handed bat to shift around Lewin/Bleday/Sanchez at 1B/corners. His name is Castellanos" CF Sierra, Brinson - and Berti and Ramirez will chip in here (eventually Monte for sure) RF Ramirez (eventually Sanchez for sure) A lot of lineup options with shifting Cooper, Berti, and Anderson into t
  21. What's money? Do they think Garcia/Dickerson is money at 2/$15, Romo at 1/$4, some other 1 year random bat at 1/$6, and another reliever at 1/$3? Keeping Urena is spending money? I don't think that is money. They'd still have the lowest payroll in baseball. Unless it's Rendon, Cole, Castellanos, Ozuna, and maybe Wheeler, or they do a series of trades that make sense, get outta here with this garbage Marlins.
  22. And he won't for 2 years as all the prospects need to graduate Unless of course he starts thinking about 2022 and uses present assets (free agency money) to shape that roster. Honestly, if they don't sign a Rendon/Castellanos/Ozuna, and ownership has agreed to a $75 million payroll, I'd want them to spend under $15 and bank the $20+ million to 2022. It would be better to not spend just to devote more money for later. I don't feel optimistic when they are paying off a debt. We'll see.
  23. No, someone would have to claim him on waivers. And no one will because they will then be on the hook for the remainder of his contract. He'll sign a minimum deal with someone else, and if he makes the club, the minimum salary he is being paid will be deducted from the Marlins obligations. So let's hope he signs and makes a team so the Marlins can recoup $600,000. Yay?
  24. Not to split hairs, but it's $34 million - $19 in 2020 and $15 in 2021 I mention this only because I found all the information on Cots and Sportrac incorrect and unreliable, and eventually emailed Baseball Prospectus and got an answer. It was a process
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