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  1. up to 40 players are allowed which adds 15 to the original 25 No team actually adds 15, to get to a sum of 40. That's just rare. The Marlins probably call up about 5. Only 25 can dress out though, correct?
  2. I dont think this is the exact same one youre looking for but if you download "MLB on Fox Theme", thats one of the little jingles they use constantly...though I dont think its the radio one, but the radio one is cheesy to me, I like the TV one...oh well, good luck with it :thumbup I have that one. Thanks though.
  3. Does anyone know where I can download or listen to the Marlins theme song. Its the one they play on the radio when they come back from commercials, and they play it on the Marlins tv commercials that say "You Gotta Be Here." I love that little jingle.
  4. When's the last time you saw Joe Torre or Joe Maddon go ballistic. And last time I checked, Torre has four rings.
  5. Which was the most boneheaded decision of the day? Btw, we should have this as a poll every game to go along with the fish/ahole of the game.
  6. that the Marlins will win the wild card and "you know what happens when they win the wild card." Got me fired up and started my saturday off in a very nice way. :thumbup
  7. It is almost a given that these two will be traded in july. Bedard still has another year on his contract. Is there any chance we get either of them?
  8. We need to make a trade to help the bullpen tomorrow. Waiting for the deadline in two months will be too late.
  9. I guess he is more comfortable there. Woohoo!
  10. I'm sure this has been discussed plenty recently, but I haven't been on the boards in some time. Does anyone have any updates on these three? I am really looking forward to their returns.
  11. When will the switch to "Miami Marlins" become official?
  12. Is it average/obp/slug or something like that? Thanx.
  13. Whats up guys. Long time loyal Marlins fan here. I am fairly new with the whole blog/forums thing online, so I was wondering if you guys could answer a few questions. 1. Is there a good Marlins blog anywhere on the web? Possibly one that is as good as www.thephinsider.com. For you Dolphins fans, it is an excellent site that is updated daily (sometimes multiple times) and contains great insight. 2. From your guys' experiences, is this the best Marlins message board on the web, or is the mlb.marlins.com forum better, or is there an even better one than both? Thank you for your respo
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