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Some questions


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Whats up guys. Long time loyal Marlins fan here. I am fairly new with the whole blog/forums thing online, so I was wondering if you guys could answer a few questions.


1. Is there a good Marlins blog anywhere on the web? Possibly one that is as good as www.thephinsider.com. For you Dolphins fans, it is an excellent site that is updated daily (sometimes multiple times) and contains great insight.


2. From your guys' experiences, is this the best Marlins message board on the web, or is the mlb.marlins.com forum better, or is there an even better one than both?


Thank you for your responses.


Go Marlins!

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You can't find a better site then Marlinbaseball.com


Unless you were just coming here to spam for the Phinsider.


Fishbites is a great blog as well as Future Fish which I think is done by a few members on this site.


Mike Berardino has a decent blog on the Sun-Sentinel's site as well.

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yeah man, if you arent spamming...this is the best website out there period as far as im concerned...pretty much anything you want to know about and most especially our favorite baseball team...you can find here...so welcome and enjoy!

He asked for some good blogs. I gave him some.

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