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  1. I hope so too.... cause this poll is screwed up.
  2. What the heck is up with this poll? Is this Cuba now?
  3. the color doesnt matter???? beer is not clear. it is impossible for beer to be any color other than yellow or brown unless it is dyed.....
  4. good choice on the OS..... and not a bad deal. ps I think ME is garbage. :hat
  5. oh yeah i forgot...... mari... how much? and which do you like better? XP or ME.
  6. crap..... i forgot about the screen..... (idiot)
  7. If I were getting me a laptop today, this is the one I get..... http://www.dell.com/us/en/dhs/offers/speci...x_special16.htm Of course I add a few things here and there....but the basic specs remain the same... I would have to add a floppy drive.. add in XP Professional Office XP Pro Maybe a little software Probably a color just for fun and a 'Dude, Your Getting a Dell' tshirt....... cant think of a better laptop with all things considered.....
  8. If you have not done so already...... Please say a little something in this thread.... just so we all can see who is who around here....
  9. yeah but its white or clear...... that aint beer. Now which of those three do not belong?? (Sorry I enjoy being an a$$ at times)
  10. Where is the love for Priest? Look at his numbers. They can still get in the playoffs. His numbers are unrealistic. Next.
  11. you can add some to it breakdown.... i am sure i missed a couple of things.... wait until april. it will be even better.
  12. I didnt know Smirnoff was considered beer.....
  13. Who am I? I am that crazy Texan.
  14. Das Texan

    Roll Call

    Since we have had some new members...... Check in here and tell us a little something about yourself.....
  15. Shiner Bock. (and other Shiner products) Brewed in little Shiner, Texas.
  16. Well after emailing Samson a few weeks back I have recieved a response.... Here it is... Dear Adam, I have forwarded your e-mail to our Public Relations Department, who will evaluate your suggestion regarding Marlinsbaseball.com. I also disagree with your characterization that Tim Spoonybarger and Juan Pierre do not make our team better today. We are adding great value to being a Marlins' season ticket holder, as evidenced by our numerous season ticket packages, designed for any fan who likes the Marlins. Thank you for your e-mail. Regards, David Samson
  17. I also need a couple of papers written also....
  18. PRACTICE!!!! PRACTICE!!! we are getting upset over PRACTICE!!!! come on, I am great, I show it on the court, why do I need to worry about showing up for every PRACTICE!!! ramp...on a side note.... Why are these your heroes?????
  19. Thank you maxx. It was a short spur of the moment thing. Expect something bigger and better toward April.
  20. Here is mine: Thats right, The Admiral, David Robinson. Why? He is not just one of the top 50 NBA players of all time. He is not only a three time medalist for the Olympic Team. He is not just a holder of a championship ring, MVP award, Rookie of the Year, numerous IBM awards, every award you can accomplish in this league. The Collegiate player of the year in 1987, winning the Naismith Award. He is not just a man who scored 71 points in a game. David Robinson is a man. He is a man that is a true role model. He is intelligent, having scored ov
  21. I forgot to add this..... Why are these people your heroes????
  22. Who is your favorite professional athlete of all time..... In other words, if you had to name one person as your 'hero' who is he or she??? Or who are your heroes..... Post them here.
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