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#1 seeds


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because they have a bunch of crappy teams

in their defense, the A10 has 4 teams with 20 wins, 1 team with 19, and one team with 18


thats pretty darn good


the only thing is that, the teams that are bad in the A10, really do suck You're right but they do play each other too so that explains the high winning percentage and low winning percentage.

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st. joes is decent. But teams like St. Bonaventure, La Salle, Fordham, Duquesne, UMass, Rhode Island, etc. are 10 times worse than the worst teams in the respected conferences. So St. Joes is good....their conference blows. Having a few good teams doesnt make a conference good. Being solid from top to bottom is good. I mean, the ACC has 7 teams that could go to the Dance. The SEC has about as many. People knock on the selection committee for not giving "mid majors" at large bids...but when conferences have the Duquesnes, La Salles, Fordhams, etc. in their conference, it doesnt help their case.

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Dayton sucked.



and the A-10 is better than the Pac 10 in basketball.



Indiana beat Xavier when they were still searching for an identity.



And if the big schools would actually sack up and schedule the mid-majors we could really learn something.



But they dont have the testicles to do so and insist on playing cupcake non-conference schedules for a vast majority of major conference teams.

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if they cant play teams from big conferences, then they've gotta put on a show at the big Dance. i.e. Gonzaga. Teams respect Gonzaga even though they play in a crappy conference. Why? Because they play so damn well in the tournament. In the process, they gain respect, and are able to play such teams as Stanford.....what do you know!

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come on now....


no one will go to Colorado Springs to play Air Force


no one will go to Utah and play the Utes


they need to grow a damn sack, dont be such wusses

Maybe not in Colorado Springs but how about on an aircraft carrier. North Carolina had plans to play Air Force on the deck of an aircraft carrier next year but the Department of Defense nixed them.

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