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Next Victim...

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One divisional team down, bring on the Phillies.


Let's see if we can take two out of three and set a tone for the next six months.


Nothing would make me happier than to see Philly leave PPS looking at a 2-4 start and figting the mets to try and get out of the cellar. That ought to be just what they need in their lockeroom listening to the rants of Admin Bowa. With a little luck we could see the team meltdown by Memorial Day.

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Guest Moneyball

Lets see, maybe Jack can have a hand in two of Bowa's hirings now...


:lol :blink: :lol :blink: :lol :notworthy :notworthy :whistle :thumbup :shifty :cool :mischief2

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We have good pitching match-ups each day...so could do very well.


Milton (13-9, 2002) vs. Pavano (12-13, 2003) on Friday

Myers (14-9) vs. Oliver (13-11) on Saturday

Millwood (14-12) vs. Beckett (9-8) on Sunday


There should be some great pitching performances. The key for our wins will be timely hitting and run support.


Milton and Pavano is a toss up.

Myers has an advantage over Oliver.

Beckett is better than Millwood.


So taking 2 of 3 is not out of the question.

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Bowa is going to be suspended for tonights game, because of something that happened during spring training.

Actually Bowa will sit out tomorrow, ring day.


Phillies P Madson suspended three games


NEW YORK (Ticker) - Philadelphia Phillies reliever Ryan Madson was suspended three games and fined for throwing at a batter in an exhibition game.


Managers Admin Bowa of the Phillies and Bob Brenly of the Arizona Diamondbacks were also suspended one game and fined an undisclosed amount, Major League Baseball vice president Bob Watson announced on Friday.


Madson intentionally threw a pitch at Toronto's Frank Catalanotto in the bottom of the fourth inning after a warning had been issued in an April 1 Grapefruit League game. Bowa was automatically suspended one game for Madson's action.


Two innings earlier, Philadelphia's David Bell was hit in the helmet by a pitch from Miguel Batista.


Madson has the right to appeal his suspension. Bowa will serve his suspension on Saturday.


Brenly was suspended for inappropriate conduct directed towards an umpire following the conclusion of a Cactus League game against Milwaukee on March 29. He is scheduled to serve his suspension on Saturday.



Here's the link from Rotoworld:



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Pavano vs Milton is a tossup?!?!?!? Why you hating on Carl?

Not hating on Carl at all. He should be fine.


Milton was quite good before his injury last year.....so it really is more of a question mark on how good he will be tonight. Milton throws well, but he pitches like crap.

And Lieberthal isn't particularly known for his game-calling.

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I can't tell you how satisfying it is beat up on Cormier and Worrell tonight. Now let's see what we can do with Wagner tonight.


The Fish hit the fastball extremely well. Milton was mixing his stuff up splendidly, I think the slowest pitch he threwwas 67mph. Let see what happens when Wagner comes in throwing his heat and let's see how many leave the ballpark.


Beating their best relievers will set the baseball world on fire. Sweep the Phils and you're going to see alot of talking heads jumping off the Philly bandwagon pronto.

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