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Will the Mariners survive this awful start?


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Yes they can.


Just like the Tigers winning their first 4 games dosent mean much because its just 4 games...the Mariners losing their first 5 games dosent mean anything.


And we know that they are going to lose 5 games in a row during the season...so just because they start off by losing their first 5 games dosent mean that they will be this bad the whole year.


They are a good team-dont say that they are going to have a bad year because of their first 5 games.


The Florida Marlins last year were horrible...but than they got good...so that shows that you can have a bad start than still win it all.

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No, an 0-5 start is not terribly indicative.


That they're 0-5 against the Angels and Athletics is.


The Mariners aren't terrible, but they're clearly not up to competing with Oakland and Anaheim. Their lineup just isn't good enough, and their starting pitching is spotty.

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how can someone have so many freakin teams?



GiantsFan, might I suggest the Cincinnati Reds? They're off to a hot start, and Griffey used to play for the Mariners. I don't need anyone jumping on my Red's bandwagon! *Jumped on*






*Gets thrown off in Kentucky on the way to the game*




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I think that they will bounce back from this. However I think that they will be the odd team out this season, just like last season. They are good. Our starting pitchers as well as out bullpen is pretty good. We have good hitters too. What I think is thay they might get tired the second half of the season and our bats will quite down, which will not be good. Anaheim has a really great team and from what I've seen when Anaheim played against the Mariners, they definally have what it takes to win the division.

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