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Here you guys go....


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If Choi keeps up his production, I say move him to clean up, move Mikey to 3 and move Miguel to 5.


That would be my ideal line up.


Are ya listening, Trader Jack?????!!!!!

I would like cabs closer to Pierre and Castillo but i know where your coming from with the Right Lefty Righy combo i like Cabs, Choi , Mikey better but only if choi continues to produce.

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Guest Juanky

Choi would be ideal for the 5th spot for the moment, mostly because his patience is starting to wear on opposing pitchers. Today Millwood wasn't giving him much to hit in the first at bat so he wouldn't take him yard, and since he wasn't biting at it he had to give him something that he could make contact on. He just ended up pitching around him all together later. If Choi heads up to 5th it would get more pitches for Mikey after a while.


Even though Mikey is the ideal cleanup guy, I think the Cabrera-Choi-Lowell 3-4-5 combo is a nice one to try. Not only do you have the R-L-R combo, you have a nice Contact-heavy, Power-heavy, Contact-heavy combo, but you also put the best friends next to each other in the lineup. That's always good for production.

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