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Are YOU A Racist?


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If you ask me, the test if flawed. I was crossed up more than anything. I don't think my sub-concious mind was associating black with bad and white with good.

I agree. This seems to be based on the Psychoanalytic Theory crossed with Pavlovian principals, and I think Freud was flawed at best. His entire interpretation of the mind had to do with sex. Jung had a much better interpretation of this theory in my humle opinion. The Pavlovian aspect was rather neat though, it was a trained response for us to associate the words with what catergory they were in originally, and in my mind, almost a trick test. However, it was pretty cool to take part in.


Your data suggest a strong automatic preference for African American relative to European American :thumbup

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Lets get to the "meeting" BAW

The "I hate people" meeting?


Where's a Ku Klux Klan smiley when you need one?


This post brought to you by Jokes and/or Scarcasm. I was going to say


"Lets grab our Hoods and git!"


I didn't think sarcasm was a quality shared by too many here.

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"Your data suggest a strong automatic preference for White relative to Black"


This is bulls***! Everyone knows I hate ALL people equally.

:lol That's great man!


Dont worry...everyone is a racist unless you are a child.

Yeah, when society starts telling you crap, you have to put effort into shrugging it off.

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