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Bill Robinson Needs to Step Off


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We had success with what we had. Our batters may not have been guys that worked the count but they are guys that make good contact


this whole thing about getting guys to look at more pitches I think is taking away our aggressiveness



another point, take juan pierre for example he has been hitting more pop outs in the past week than I have seen him hit all last year.


let pierre work with the pitches he knows how to work with to get hits rather than putting him in situations where he has to swing at pitches he maybe cant work with because he is backed into a deep count.


cause in the end whats really better


a lead off guy that gets 165 hits and 60 walks or a guy that gets 205 hits and only 25 walks?



the point being



Robinson shouldnt be tweaking with certain guys in their approach

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I dont know who's job it is, but the offense isn't on top of its game...They don't look agressive and the team is lucky to get 3 or 4 runs a game...The Marlins have been winning on the strength of the pitching and that cant sustain over a full season, the bats need to take the pressure off the starters...Early in the season or not, these guys played winter ball, spring training or both (or other)...They should be ready to go...There are too many guys not getting hits...

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As alluded to the thread I started yesterday, I agree, this team looks overcoached at the plate. Theres something to be said for patience, but our guys are taking it too far. We're getting into way too many pitchers counts and seem to be getting more strikeouts as a result than last year.

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No, he doesn't need to step off. It is his job. Imagine how much worse we would be doing if he wasn't getting involved.




my point was that the fact he is getting involved is partly the reason why we are having offensive problems


dont get me wrong, I like and respect Bill Robinson as a technical hitting coach



but the guy shouldnt be trying to change the approach of guys who had a lot of success doing it their way

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