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Question about New Stadium

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Just read that the Marlins are not gonna get the $60M from the state. Out of curiosity, doesn't the city realize that if they gave the Marlins that money, the team could try to get the '07 or '08 All-Star game (Houston is bidding for '06 now)?

Wouldn't having a huge event like that draw a lot of people and raise a lot of money for the city?

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Houston is bidding for '06 now)



They can't get it on '06 because they are getting it this year, however the Pirates are bidding for it in '06. And all of that really doesn't matter much to them. :thumbdown


Plus the All Star Game is only in a city for two or three days a year. Not alot of time to attract tourist.

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Guest Juanky

If we get the new stadium done, we most likely will get the All Star Game in that building. We just need to petition it. We'll most likely be the newest stadium at that point, we'll likely still be a successful club, and of course we have the pocket ace to play: We had our All Star Game taken from us and we want to have it now.

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We used to hang at the Bowl Bar back in the 80s.


17 Ave and 7 St, about one block W of OB.


Hope it's still there - gold mine

its still there. i used to live half a block away from it. but i dont think its a bar anymore. i think now its just a liquor store. yes it is

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