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Marlins werent fined for hiring McKeon

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this is LeBatard's view :vomit

There was no fine.


Just the illusion of one.


To keep Jesse Jackson and his accompanying circus quiet and away.


The Herald has learned the Marlins were warned, not punished or sanctioned, for hiring antique Jack McKeon without interviewing minority candidates. It has been reported nationally that the Marlins were hit with a ''substantial'' fine, but the only thing substantial about this situation is the fraud.


The bottom line on the bottom line: The Marlins broke baseball's very clear rules and didn't pay a single cent.


To be fair, baseball never claimed there was a fine. All baseball announced, and all the Marlins said, was that ``the situation has been resolved.''


Those exact words were echoed in so many places, by so many parties, that you would have thought you were at a convention of parrots.


But this is the part that should make you feel dirty: It was then ''leaked'' anonymously to various sources that there had been a big fine. This self-serving leak produces the illusion of a big fine, of course, which makes baseball look good -- we won't stand for this! -- while, conveniently enough, costing the penny-pinching Marlins no money.


So everybody appears to win except, of course, the minority candidates who never were considered before McKeon was hired.


''That didn't come from my office,'' commissioner Bud Selig said of the fine Wednesday. ``Discipline between this office and the clubs stays between this office and the clubs.''


And here's where the news-gathering process gets tricky: A source tells you something for publication but says you can't attach his or her name to it. The source might have an agenda -- in this case to make it look like baseball can be tough -- but that's for the news-gatherer to discern. The news-gatherer has to trust the source, and then readers have to trust the news-gatherer, which isn't exactly the easiest thing to do these days.


So here's where that leaves you: You can trust what is being said by Major League Baseball, which has very little credibility. You can trust what is being said by the Marlins, an organization that might lead sports in lack of credibility. Or you can trust your friend the media, which is less credible with every Jayson Blair.


But just because you are sitting at a table of liars doesn't mean someone isn't telling the truth.


And here it is: Selig essentially told the Marlins, with a wag of a parental, admonishing finger, ''Now, now, you kids better stop misbehaving or else.'' But there was no spanking. Just the threat of one in the future that sounded a lot like the empty threats of the past.


We can play semantics here, if you like. The Marlins were told they will be fined substantially more than $100,000 if they again circumvent baseball's rules the next time they fill a key position. Maybe that's a substantial penalty in someone's dictionary.


But the Marlins were supposed to interview minorities and keep baseball in the loop before hiring McKeon and didn't. They'll probably get a chance to get it right next time, when they go looking for McKeon's replacement, possibly at season's end, but given the parties involved, how can we believe a minority is really being considered for the job unless a minority is hired?


This is a tricky thing in today's politically correct climate. In reaching so zealously to correct one inequality, we've created another. Anytime a white man is hired, no matter how qualified, we're left to wonder whether the black men considered publicly were just tokens. But at least it's better than the past, when there wasn't an obligation to consider minorities at all.


Make what you will of this: Marlins owner? White. President? White. Vice chairman? White. General manager? White. Chief financial officer? White. Manager? White. Scouting director? White. Player-personnel director? White. Vice presidents of marketing and sales? White. Player-development director? White. And the Marlins -- with an assistant GM who is black and with consultants such as Tony P?rez and Andre Dawson -- are actually considered decent at minority hiring in this sport.


To be fair, baseball (and Selig in particular) is doing more than most sports about trying to be inclusive. But it's not something that can be forced upon teams, no matter how much Selig threatens and no matter how much the good reverend shouts. At the end of the day, the owner who paid millions for his club has the right to hire whatever skin color he pleases.


And, really, it is unrealistic to punish the Marlins for not considering more candidates in this case. What are they supposed to do in the middle of a season? Conduct a series of interviews while Jeff Torborg is still employed? What if that news gets out? That might strain your relationship with your manager just a tad, don't you think?


Truth is, the Marlins really shouldn't be punished for this.


But you were.


Because you were fed a lie

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The fact that neither the Marlins nor MLB came out with denials when the "substantial amount" rumor began circulating makes them just as guilty as if they had lied in the first place.


This whole thing has turned into a circus. Does anyone beilieve that the edict from MLB to hire minorities actually does anything at all? If a team has their mind set on a white guy, does it really matter that they haul in a couple of minorities and and act like they are interested?


A couple other things....


I hate Le Retard. I mean REALLY hate him. Every article, regardless of the topic or his opinion, seems to have the same pontificating, holier-than-thou, let me tell you what is right attitude.


I hate Jesse Jackson, too. What a slippery slope his career went down. From tons of political cred and a respectible run for the White House to this media and skirt chasing hypocrite. Isn't there a grand opening at some strip mall he should be attending?

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