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Help a brother out!

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Hello Marlin faithful! I don't post here often but thought you guys might be willing to help one of our brethren overseas get to watch some White Sox/Marlins baseball this coming week.


One of our brothers at Whitesoxinteractive has requested that we start a vote-in campaign so that he might get to watch Tuesday night's game. He lives in Ireland, thus doesn't get to see his beloved PaleHose very often. If you would be so kind as to give your support, it would be appreciated. Think of it as an opportunity to bring Marlins baseball to a worldwide audience (again!) As it stands right now, they are neck and neck with the Detroit/Philly game.


Here is the link:




Thanks again for your support, and best of luck in the upcoming series!



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That's ok, we needed the reminder because the Phillies have gotten closer to us in the poll.


We're giving you the chance to decide which interleague baseball game you'll see on Tuesday June 15th.

You have already voted.

Chicago WS vs Florida




Detroit vs Philadelphia




Anaheim vs Pittsburgh






Let's vote as http://www.nasn.com/ and make sure that our friends in the UK can see the Marlins/Sox game on NASN!

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A fellow Phils fan living in Scotland has asked for our help to get the Phillies on T.V. by voting on the website www/nasn/com (you know what to replace). Well the Phils are currently losing by a wide margin. We need people to vote now. If you feel like voting multiple times to help the cause, all you need to do is disconnect and then reconnect to get a new IP address. Please, this guy needs your help.

P.S. I know there are a fair number of out of town fans here. You know how it feels to finally see the Phils on T.V. Plus we get the benefit of a superstation (WWOR, TBS, and WGN for those that have them). This guy has none. So you out of towners, this should really hit home with you.


I've voted about 500 times so far (really). How about we both vote till the Phils are up 2 full points. We need to put this race away.


what a bunch of tools

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