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orange hats

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I like the orange only when it's encorporated in small places like a border on a marlins logo .


We are starting to look like every other team with that black and grey theme. We should start bringing out the teal a little bit more.

I'm OK with orange in accents as well. It's been apparent all season that the orange continues to show up.....the Marlins Mermaids wearing orange, orange marlins shirts in the shops, orange accents on the FSN broadcasts, orange on the WS replica rings, and now orange caps as a give-away.


Seems like the FO is preparing us for the orange jerseys, which, IMO would look ludicrous....a bunch of pumpkins on the playing field.

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shomer shabbat I dont roll on saturdays donny

you shomer shabbat?


im shomer shabbat.




i just wish that the marlins would give out theur good giveaways on other days besides saturday. I mean sometimes i feel like going to the game even after missing half of it just for the giveaways-lol.


there have been so many good giveaways that i couldnt get bc they were given out on saturday

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