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Pick A Fish - Round 14


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Pick A Fish


Each week a category will be named by the previous round's winner. All members will have a chance to reply with their picks for the upcoming round. The closest to the total wins. Wild Card won last round so here's his choice:


Reply with your guesses for How many Home Runs will both Richie Sexson and Mike Lowell combine for in the Brewers series?


My Guess - 2


All entries must be in by the evening of June 10. In the event of a tie, I will do a coin flip.


Previous Winners

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Tons of people tied with the correct answer of 1. farmer_fran got the bye since he was involved in a tie last week. Here are the coin flip results:


chefbob defeated 1truefan

Kimberly_Bauer defeated Rune


chefbob defeated Kimberly_Bauer


chefbob defeated farmer_fran


ChefBob is the winner!

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