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Well he threw for the first time and played catch for about 5 minutes and felt some discomfort which isn't really a good sign. Supposed to start Saturday, but if not DO will start or someone will be called up from the minors. Either Tejera or Justin Wayne(who was activated last week from the DL and sent to AAA. DIdn't see anyone say that) would be the options.


Beckett update: At the earliest, Josh Beckett will rejoin the rotation on Saturday, in Tampa Bay. Beckett suffered a pulled muscle on the left side of his lower back on June 17. On Tuesday afternoon he threw for the first time since leaving that game after 3 2/3 innings, giving up no runs on two hits with eight strikeouts. He played catch for about five minutes, and experienced some discomfort.


"We'll see how it does tomorrow," he said. "It's still day to day."


Before he is penciled in for Saturday, he will play catch on Wednesday to test his side. He is scheduled to throw off the mound in a bullpen session on Thursday.


"Who knows if he can go or not?" said Jack McKeon. "We'll wait and see."


If Beckett can't pitch on Saturday, the options include starting left-hander Darren Oliver or perhaps bringing up a starter from the minor leagues.




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Len and Tommy talked about it during the game. This really sucks. I don't want to see Oliver start again because A) I want to win, and B) He's been lights out from the Bullpen.


Call up Wayne or Tejera. If Josh is placed on the DL and Tejera has some good outings, he can be used as trade bait.


Not really but we'll see. He's a hell of a pinch runner!

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Beckett is something isnt he?

Oh yes. I remember when the season started ESPN had a fantasy topic where they were discussing the most overrated pitchers and Josh Beckett was #1 because of all the injuries and he hasn't been healthy a whole season.


I said "SCREW THAT, H8erZ!"


They were right. Damn ESPN.

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Man...I think theyre babying Josh Beckett...because he's lil miss MVP of the world series. I mean, i know they can't afford him to injury anymore, but every little thing with him is like, "Oh, Josh, we''ll, we'll take it easy...just play catch today, then come in for a back massage...Samantha is waiting...naked..."

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