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Calendar Event....


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As you can see by The Calendar Events...


Total Control is under way and The Evil Admin will be smited...


And also as you can see only a select few will be around as Users or as members of My Regime...


Those who oppose me or annoy me or... Support Admin will be executed and before you say Admin will succedd just listen to my cabinet...


He's big he's bad and he conquered The Alamo he's... SANTA ANNA


He's the head hacker in my group and you may know him as The One he's...




He's Ruthless he smokes fine cigars and he smells he's.... FIDEL CASTRO!


He likes Porn, He knows Admin better than anyone he's... JOE!


He has The Pythons, he has The power he's... HULK HOGAN


So as you can see Admin stands no chance and I'm giving everyone a chance to save themselves


Choose Me and yuo survive and possibly become a high Ranking officer or mod


Choose Admin and die plain and simple


Choose Right! Choose Me

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Joe, it's ightt...


What man in the right mind doesn't like porn?


0o0o0o0o0o wait, RUNE!


Vote for Admin, 'cause he's a REAL man...

Hey Josh,


Apparently you want your execution first punk and your going to get it!




In The Revolution forums Josh Clinton will be executed and terminated!


Get seats early for the first of many Executions but of course Josh will be an example.


Only at Philliesbaseball.com

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No their suck ups and incompetant fools!(Just kidding of course :p )


They will be destroyed and in fact I'm going to make an example


AdminSW is going to be banned right here right now!


AdminSw please step toward this thread if your a man!

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Admin, I think it is time you taught Rune a little lesson...


*Cracking knuckles*

Why don't you ask AdminSW to do something O wait he can't! :mischief

So Josh would you like an example done to you?


If not pipe down!


Feel my power!

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