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Attention 'Canes fans...


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Sounds like a 100 million renovation process is in the works. Paid for in bonds, naming rights, & some from the University. They're planning on putting in a huge scoreboard on one of the upper decks, doing some structural work, putting seat backs in (hear that? that was my asss cheering), widening the concources, putting in new concessions, bringing in a new company to run the concession stands & provide the food. Also a bunch of the upper deck seats will be taken out to build box suites.


Unfortunately the total renovation will end up knocking out about 10,000 seats. I think it'll leave about 60 or 65,000. But they don't sell out the games except for the big rivalries anyway, so that doesn't bother me much.


I love the OB, but the place was getting to be such a dump...

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When did that happen? I hadnt heard anything about it and I cant find any article about it. I would think that would be big news down here. Thats like putting a $1000 stereo system in a 1993 Geo Metro. The stadium will probably fall apart when they start doing work on it.

I heard it on a radio show today. Hank Goldberg called in with the details. I don't think it's a done deal quite yet, but it sounded like it's pretty close to being finalized.


The alternative is a new stadium though & they can't afford that right now if they're already whining about having to leave the Big East to make money.


Lol, the OB certainly is definately looking it's age though. I just say it's got "character".

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Changing the name of the Orange Bowl stadium is just as bad as renaming the Rose Bowl stadium to a corporate name.



It should just never happen.

I don't think it matters, the actual Orange Bowl isn't even played there anymore so the tradition is gone.

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