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Thunder Storm Last Night


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Starting at 1:25 AM last night, or at the end of the Marlins' game, was the most ridiculous thunder storm I've ever been in. In my neighborhood in the Gables, and probably in SMiami, and Little Havana, we were hampered with incredible lightning for 90 minutes. I've been in bad thunder storms before, but never have I been in anything like that.


Anyone else was woken up, or unable to sleep because of this?

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Yuh the thunderstorm and the fact that i'm taking off my braces today had me woken up the whole night lol,i saw the thunderstorm thru my window i was like "oh crap" then i woke up at 4:55 again and now i just woke up damn i couldn't sleep period.

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On the drive home Sundauy evening from Tampa, we ran into incredible lightening. It was scary close, if you know what I mean. Also, portions of the Everglades were ablaze, probably started by lightening strikes. At least several miles in length and who knows in depth.


It was a frighteningly beautiful sight against the black sky.


Where's my camera when I need it?

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i didnt hear s***, once i fall asleep im out

Didja stay up for the Marlins game?

It literally started minutes after the game was over with one loud boom, and it didn't stop til like 3:20. I'm never up late but the Rain Delay mixed with the lightning storm was the reason. Some were so close I got goosebumps. It was unreal!

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