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ALOT of interesting stuff in here...


The Yankees' interest in Beltran was based primarily on their desire to interfere with the Red Sox, but they did discuss trading RHP Bret Prinz for Marlins OF Abraham Nunez with the idea of including Nunez, a player the Royals liked, in a package for Beltran. . .





The Ordonez for Jones swap caught my eye too...how about a three way deal? :thumbup

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how about Nunez for MacDougal? Our talented dissapointment for theirs?

we dont need another project like Koch What do you expect for Abraham Nunez? Eric Gagne?


I'd say it's worth a shot...MacDougal is nasty, maybe Rosenthal can straighten him out. It's not like Nunez is doing much anyway.

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Come on. You know these threads play out. You're just getting people excited for no reason.

I was just posting it in case someone hadn't seen the article.... and while I agree rumors should have warning labels next to them telling people not to give their hopes up for them, but they are fun to read into nonetheless.

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