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this is obvious, we need more bullpen


the lineup is filthy with talent waiting to bust out, and it has been scoring runs lately...we have been losing because of pitching


we have arguably the best 1-2 punch at the top of our order with speed and hits...luiy and jp both usually are among the leaders in base hits...infield hits, you name it


to go with that we have lowell and cabrera driving in the runs with conine and choi helping them out, which isnt bad at all

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But really aside from maybe adding a lefthanded bat to the bench and replacing Lenny F-ing Harris with a live body... what the offense really needs is just a serious kick in the bum. We, along with the other 4 NL East teams, rank among the very bottom of major league teams in hitting with runners in scoring position. Need to change that. The runners need to be more aggressive and not make the batters forced to do so much and start concentrating on making contact.



The bullpen isn't so bad. Seriously before tonight when was the last time they screwed up? It's improving, and the talk of moving Willis to the 'pen is sounding more and more enticing. Imagine Willis or Manzy being able to shut down the opposition 2-3 innings every night before Benitez comes in.

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Bullpen...another easy election. Defense wins championships. I have a strong feeling that shortly after the All Star break, that the Marlins will have some new faces. I am certain that the front office is working on getting new players in Marlins uniforms soon- mostly pitchers.

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It's funny that when our offense seems to be off, a thread is started as to what we need and when it's the bullpen, count on a topic for that.


No offense to anyone who started or contributed to this thread, but our needs are going to change throughout the season. You can't run out and get another bat or pitcher every time there's a slump.


Yes, we probably could use another arm, but Beckett and AJ are coming along, and we have yet to solidify our starting rotation this season. Too much DL activity for my liking.


As for anothe bat- when Mike Lowell and Cabrera are hot- no one seems to be talking about getting another bat. And who would sit? Choi? Conine? Gonzalez? Lowell?


I say- stick with what we've got at least until after the All-Star break and then re-assess.

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Offense...if we can stop having these damn close games, we could probably be okay with our bullpen more. We could also maybe have our starters go deeper into games. If we don't score runs, it doesn't matter who our bullpen is.



thats incorrect


at this point, if we score runs, we cant even hold the lead


everyone in our bullpen absolutely SUCKS besides Benitez and Manzanillo


its so obvious that our problem is not offense


lately we have been scoring a lot of runs, and we havent been winning for crap

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If we can put up some more runs the relievers can come in more confident and not worry about giving up a run or 2. Also, hitting is contagious - not just for other hitters, but for the whole team. If we get a run or two in the first couple of innings and then the bats go to sleep, the whole team seems wiped out for the better part of the game sometimes.

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