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Sweetest Logo in all of Sports?


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Blackhawks = very cool


I was going to put the Red Wings (classic logo), but didn't want to show too much bias.



Red Wings also have a good logo.


You really can't go wrong with any of the original six hockey logos.

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Ever seen a biscuit with eyes?





BTW I'm not saying this is a great logo I just found it hilarious.



I've seen the Montgomery Biscuits play before! Saw em whoop up on the Greenville Braves lol. I got a few friends from Montgomery...one has a Biscutis shirt....I want one.

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coolest logo: the old Gator UF with the state outline...I find that one sweet.


I also like Tennessee's T...it's classic.


As for less conventional ones....I like Furman's diamond F (haha I'm partial, but it's one of a kind...nothing really like it), I like the old Astro jerseys with the yellow, orange, and crap...for some reason I love it. Must stem from my first memory of spring training baseball...seeing them play against the Reds (with such Reds as Chris Sabo! woo!). I hate the Cubs, but I like their logo more than the white sox logo. Sorry Craig.

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