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Better coaches to add FIRE?

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Jack has almost recklessly played with the line-up. Don't agree with him but can't blame him.

Maybe some new "coaching" in-put would be helpful but not reckless.

Cox and Robinson have been subject to justifiable criticism of late.

Cox makes bad calls and Robinson (IMO) has done more damage than good.


Why not Lenny Harris and/or Mike Mordecai as 3B coach and Hitting coach?

From my distance, I prefer Mordy at 3rd and Lenny for hitting.

Wouldn't that free-up two Roster spots?


Both are destined for coaching (Mordy for Managing). Neither is critical to the Team as a player right now.


The spot-light, as usual, is on Jack. Moving Choi to dramatic new places in the line-up or sponsoring a creative Frequent-Flyer plan with the Farm will not deflect the glaring light.


Loyalty is nice, and valued. But, the old "Trader Jack" should take a better look at his coaching family.

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Interesting idea - and it is certain that Mordy will definetly go into coaching. Lenny, I dont know anything about his coaching plans - if he has any. But I agree that would be something to do with them. Especially Harris who is not doing much at all other than taking up a roster spot right now.

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