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Minor league notes

Teal Shadow

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First congrat to 1B Juan Figueroa. The Bethune Cookman grad in this year draft is already in Jupiter skipping lower A ball and the NY-Penn league, went 3-4 with an RBI.


On that same team Mr.Andino continues to impress both coaches and the Marlins brass going 3-5 with a run.


The Jamestown team has some impressive hitters, its a create to our scouts hard work in this year draft. Great work guys :thumbup


The Gulf Coast Marlins has one kid I've been very impressed by his name RHP Stu Alexander. Check this stats 20 innings 0.00 ERA with 22 K's 2 BB allowing only 7 hits WOW. keep it up kid :thumbup

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In my minor league notes the other day, i had mentioned the great starts Juan Figueroa and Stu Alexander have had. I also mentioned other players aquired in the draft this year that have made an impact. Do a search for it and check it out if you guys like.


eh...no thanks

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I would only expect a comment like that from a 14 y/o immature kid getting his first pubes...but guess what you most prob are so it doesnt faze me


Wow dude, why are you so snappy? I don't think those comments were too mature of yourself either man.

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Minor was a talented kid with a good glove but he couldn't hit major leaguers.

We have one of those aleady in Abraham Nunez.



Minor was a good looking prospect years ago. Nonetheless, why not take a chance on him? Good pickup - eventhough you are probably right.

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