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Triple-A All-Star Game on now

Flag Man

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AAA All-Star Game featuring the soon to be famous Dillon and Sutton is on ESPN2 right now. On my Directv, that's 209.

In fact, Dillon's up now.

Long fly to left.

I love this stuff. Watching the guys trying to make it.

Announcers have had some good stuff (including background) on both Dillon and Sutton.

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Jeez. The announcers (and production staff) of this AAA game are better than the usual ESPN Major League staffs.

And the story of this McCoy Field is a healthy one for Baseball.

Dillon up, second time.

He looks aggressive. Hungry.

Sharp grounder to third.


Sutton whiffed. Didn't look good on a high change-up.

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Dillon's 3rd AB... pop-out to left. I've done my little homework on Dillon. Looked good. But, first time I've seen him. He didn't do much tonight but I'll tell you (!) he looked good to me at the plate. He's a Player. Like Wilson Valdez was a Player, ready for the Bigs, but no room on our team. We traded Valdez for Koch. Good move all around. Hope we don't trade Dillon. We need some gamers.

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Dillon's playing third.? Looks smoothe there.

Don't know why I wanted to see him in the Outfield....



perhaps because this guy plays third.....




:D :D



Or maybe because we had the 'Topes move him to Left Field a couple of weeks ago. Sorry you missed that.

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Game's wrapping up. Me, too. Nice game, well done by ESPN. Biggest suprise to me was I didn't see a Major League ready short-stop.

And I came away an even bigger Dillon fan.

Interested to learn these AAA All-Stars are selected by the particular league covering Media and the Coaches. No fans. No popularity contest.

And the highest priced ticket at McCoy field is $9. And they are making money.

This particular game was sold out 3 months ago.

Baseball is alive and well in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.


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