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no espy for marlins...

Ice Man

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i have been huge pistons fan my whole life but this was plain crazy.


Best Team -- Detroit Pistons?

tough for me to decide between them and the marlins.


Best Coach/Manager -- Admin Brown?

Admin came to a great team alrady, Mckeon came to a team that was 10 games under .500 and then had the best record in the majors since. McKeon should of won this easy.


Best Upset -- Detroit Pistons?

hell no this wasnt an upset. the pistons was the better team hands down(say what you want, its true)


Best Championship Performance -- Phil Mickelson?

are you f**king kidding me?

i was so sure that beckett would win this one.

golfer lmao

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Guest Moneyball

What is even stupider is that ESPN releases the results. it makes them seem stpid and a bit cocky. why watch some stupid award show by ESPN when you can see the results for yourself on the site. it also makes them look cocky by them thinking that people will watch a lame awards show when you can check the results for yourself. personally now it's better for me so i can watch else that night.



ESPN= Network clinging to past glories

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That is b/s. They should never let the so called 'fans' vote.

Admin Brown is a great coach... but Mckeon was the oldest manager ever to win a world series or any championship at that matter and is an absolutely incredible manager! He also raised this team to be the best that they can absolutley be when at the beggining of the season were horrible! He taugh these guys so much.

Best Performance- Josh Beckett 100% over Phil.

-3 days rest

-SHUT OUT the Yankees

-and threw a complete game

Golf? Wtf? Is that even a friggin sport???

Best team could go either way... but in my opinion the Marlins deserved that. They came up from nothing.

Biggest Upset- Pistons and lakers??? That wasn't even surprising. Marlins beating the Yankees when the WHOLE ENTIRE world doubted them is a bigger upset.


Ofcourse the only reason why the Pistons won everything was because it was more recent. But they should never let the idiotic people vote.

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