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MVP: June 17th, 2003

Wild Card

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Sorry there was no thread last night (computer wasn't working properly).


Below, post who you predict to be tonights game MVP. After the game, LCastillo, who won because there was no thread (Dontrelle Willis was MVP), will choose who is MVP of tonights game. Whom ever predicted the correct answer will get to choose tommorrow nights game MVP.


In the event of a tie, I will flip a coin to see who will be the winner. Each nights winner WILL NOT vote the night after they won, to prevent back-to-back wins and make it funner and fairer. Make your predictions!


My Prediction: Alex Gonzalez

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ok, wait...im confused....What game do i choose the MVP for?



If i get to choose the MVP for tonights game ( the first game vs. the mets) it would be Dontrelle Willis.


When i said Mike Lowell, i was just guessing about who would be the MVP for tomorrows game (game 2) but since i won the night before i guess i dont get play the game and guess tomorrow's MVP.




lemme know if I'm wrong

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ok thx so i won hehe :lol :w00t

No, you didn't win Pudge07...


LCastillo will choose tonights MVP, because there was no thread last night, which means nobody predicted who would be last nights MVP... oh i thought he had to chose yesterday's MVP , so ithought i had won , but i know know now


BTW : i chose Derrek Lee

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