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Should we sell or buy?


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As a fish fan I'm thinking I want this team to be as good as we can be. But how good can we be? Lets say we add Walker (who when healthy is the best player in our rumor mill), I'm not convinced we make it to the playoffs, let alone do anything great.


I think I have come to the conclusion that instead its time to sell. We have major league level talent available. From the field Choi or Conine are expendable. Choi because he doesn't play everyday, and Conine because of his salary (although I think he will retire). Addittionally depending on who we get in return I would listen to offers for Pierre, Castillo, and Gonzalez. On the pitching staff Pavano or Penny, and Benitez are expendable for the right players, because its unlikely we sign them all.


So who do we need? Outfielders, Starting Pitchers, relief pitchers and a 1st Baseman are major needs. Catcher is too if we can get one who can hit (I still think Treanor and Redmound at 80 games apiece is servicable).


All these holes can't be filled by a depleted farm system, and can't be filled by free agency (no money).


I not saying tear this team down. I'm saying next year, we can win if we fix our holes.

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Theres no need to go crazy.


The only guys we should move are Mando and Pavano as far as regulars. Trading Choi would be insane.


i have to go ahead and agree with this. trading anyone else would probably be a dumb move

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it depends


im ready to sell if we dont win this next series


if we can win at least 3 then im ready to add on


winning 2 isnt acceptable, if we only win 2 i think its time to count us out


dont forget though, having beckett back will be a huge boost

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