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The "Facts" on the LA-FLA Trade Proposal


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ESPN - Dodgers Back in the Hunt for Big Unit


Scenerio 1 - Dodgers get Randy Johnson:

Marlins get Lo Duca, Mota, Ishii

Dodgers get Penny, Choi, Murphy


Scenerio 2 - Dodgers get Steve Finley

Marlins get Lo Duca, Mota, Encarncion

Dodgers get Penny, Choi, Murphy

*Although you have to wonder why we'd give up the same package in this deal when we're missing a 5th starter and by any standard Ishii > Enc at this point.


Those are the facts as reported by ESPN.

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both are total robbage.....I'd rather us not do a damn thing




people are happy with redmond uuugh I swear we are friggin upgrading at Catcher.


and .. and.. helping our bullpen


downgrading at 1st base, outfield, starting pitching and future. Hmmm... Is it worth it?

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Can't Lo Duca play first?


he could, doesnt that defeat the purpose of getting him?


we have a hole at catcher, getting lo duca and putting him at 1st doesnt do s***


i dont think this solves much anyways, lo duca doesnt hit in the second half

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how stupid could a GM be to give up choi for that sack of garbage?



Mota is the best player traded, hands down. I know that Choi may be good, but Mota is very very good, very very consistent (something that neither Penny nor Choi are) and is so coveted that he was the breaking point to a larger deal earlier in the year...remember, the Dodgers felt that he was too valuable to give up to get Beltran :mischief2


I still don't understand how you can be opposed to the deal. I'd rather get Ishii than Encarnacion, but I'm salivating at the thought of Koch setting up Mota setting up Benitez, that's going to give us hands down the best bullpen in the East, and even without Penny and with Ishii (who is 11-5, which would tie him for highest win total) we'd have the best rotation in the NL East.


Also, we need to remember that we were ripping Penny just a few days ago for being "fat" and his velocity is consistently lower than it has been in the past. I'm all for this trade.

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forget trading penny, i just cant believe beinfest would ruin arguably the best rotation in baseball when healthy...besides, just cuz dawg reported it doesnt mean penny is definite (of course its very likely)


in a 3 team deal


florida gets mota

la gets RJ (or finley)

Arizona gets prospects

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in scenario 1....does it make any sense ?????


who plays 1b?



well i'd rather have easley at 1rst then Enc in the OF.


both trades are bad for the Marlins,


i like scenario 1 better because A. the Yankees won't get RJ, and B. we won't get Encarnacion.

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