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Walker for Encarnacion and Stokes?


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The article on the official Marlins website mentions this also. I'm still not too thrilled about getting Walker. Call me crazy, but it seems like he's hurt all the time. If he gets hurt again, where does that leave us? With Nunez in the outfield? Easley playing first with Conine going back to left?


Don't get me wrong... If Walker can stay healthy, I'd love to see him in a Marlins uni, but I just don't feel comfortable with him. He seems so fragile... And I'm not too thrilled about giving up Stokes either.

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I'd rather trade Stokes for Mackowiak and use Enc to try and get a starter.



Wow..that'd be sweet but I don't think Enc really has starter value.


oh I don't think so either, I'm just saying Enc would be part of a deal for a starter we would still have to give up prospects along with Enc.

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IS that deal going to go down?? I heard it tonight and would love to see it happen, even if we did lose Stokes.



IMO a better trade would be Walker for Encarnacion, Nunez and Castro. :)


That could happen because remember that those three guys would be playing in Coors and that will make them that much better, and if you add a prospect we could probably get Colorado to pay a large amount of the contract.

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well, al im just wondering if the FO plans to resign any of these pick ups...becuase if they dont this is a watse almost.


not if they win the World Series. What diffrence does it make if you win now or in the future as long as you win? Im sure the FO would rather repeat because of the Stadium deal so this trade could help our future because it pretty much secures the stadium deal.

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