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Does Eli Manning diserve it?


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2nd biggest signing bonus in nfl history behind only peyton's recent one.


eli needs to thank his lucky stars his brother is so good...theres no way in hell a QB out of college with eli's stats could ever deserve that much money.


sooooooooooooooooo true

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Eli will be a goodie in this league.


And as for does he "deserve" the money?


Hell, I don't think anyone deserves millions to play football. Yah, it's tough as balls, but we are talking millions of dollars here...and signing bonuses?


Now, compared to other QBs in the league, and other rookies, does he deserve it? Well, we can say all we want, but we'll have to wait and see. I'm all about seeing SEC QBs make it.


And Eli was able to beat the Gators...somethin Peyton couldn't do.

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Of course no player deserves that type of money but I have more faith in him than any other QB who would come to town and be "The Savior". I'm a die hard Giants fan and all I have to say is, if this happened and he fell in the lap of The Phins, he would praised. Their wouldn't be one comment from A Dolphins fan saying what he did was wrong or whatever spin they decide to put on it.


Eli's a game back who has already pushed lifted expectations that were on his back and they were real expectations with his background and the pride his school had. Keep Amani for him and he will go beyond expectations.

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