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According to ESPNews


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:lol I said it here a few months ago and got bashed for it and I will say it again,


David Boston= Overrated


Maybe I will change my mind when he plays 1 or 2 full seasons with pro bowl numbers.




having his knee blown out makes him overrated how?

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Guest Fritz

Timmy Chang at #1? In round 23? He's a product of the system. Anyway, I'd rather have Dennis Green as a wide receiver than Tim Brown since they've both probably got the same speed. I say we just play this season out and see how the chips fall. If we finish 3-13, oh well. If we finish 13-3 and win the Super Bowl, that'd be good too.

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that's the risk you took with boston


2 sides both realating to the same core problem, his obsession with over building his body in a rather freaky odd way


first is can he perform at a probowl level anymore, does he still have the speed, seperation and the ability to snag balls without his arms getting in the way


second is can his body support his size so he can play a full season ..... the answer is no


kind of sad really ... super talented, physical guy .. becomes insane with bodybuilding and since has had nothing but ankle and knee injuries

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