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Favorite NASCAR driver


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Mine is Bill Elliot and Sterling Marlin. I drive a Dodge RAM 1500, so I gotta stick with the Dodges. Awesome Bill from Dawsonville and Sterling are both the men! Even if neither have won races this season. Oh, Bill finished 4th in the race Sunday....one of the crazy road races.


BTW, I HHHAAAATTEEEE Dale Jr. I didnt even really like Dale that much...I sorta did (at the time I was all about the Chevys...and still do like Chevy over Ford), but he was not one of my alltime favorites. Although, I am attending the Dale Earnhardt Tribute Concert!!!! WOOOOO!! Alabama, Kenny Chesney, Brooks and Dunn....can't wait! Next Saturday!


Yah, but anyways...who are yall's favorite drivers?

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Do all you Gator's like NASCAR?

This one does.


Like the bad boy Stewart. Also like that nowhere near bad boy image of Bobby Labonte. Basically, the Gibbs team.


But I just like a competetive race. Anyone that runs a good race, competes, and does it 'right.'



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ughh....Toyota....just doesn't seem right in NASCAR...eventhough they are made in America just like BMW (made in Greenville, SC...home of the Furman Paladins!), and Nissan (the plant my uncle works at) in Smyrna, TN.


When I think Toyota, I think rice-burners from The Fast and The Furious and all those crap cars that kids these days do. Put a huge wide muffler on there (wide enough to be used as a toilet) and put a spoiler, some japanese letters on the windows, some neon lights, and maybe some custom rims, and you are on ur riceburning way...gross. The idea of spending so much money to take a 4banger and add a few horsepower to it is just plain dumb. Why not take that money, buy an old Corvette or somethin (my dad bought a 76 corvette for 8k...good shape) and plans on putting another 8k into it. By that time it will have WELL over 500 HP and already he's put a new suspension system in it. American muscle...gotta love it.

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