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Britney Spears Ties The Knot.


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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- Access Hollywood has learned that pop star Britney Spears and backup dancer Kevin Federline have tied the knot.


The couple surprised both sides of the family last night with the nuptials, which took place in a private home in Studio City.


According to Star Magazine, guests were handed a new invitation upon arrival to join the couple for a party in October, the original month the nuptials were scheduled to take place in. Bridal gowns and tuxedos were waiting for the guests to change into for the ceremony. Star Magazine also reports that guests dined on chicken fingers, ribs, and Waldorf salad.


Access Hollywood was with Spears? mother, Lynn, and her younger sister, Jamie Lynn yesterday until 5:00 p.m. as they got ready for what they believed to be an engagement dinner. Lynn purchased casual slacks for the affair. Jamie Lynn died her hair back to its original color of brown yesterday and told Access Hollywood that she couldn?t wait to surprise her sister with her new look at the dinner.


However on this occasion, it appears that the biggest surprise of the evening was provided courtesy of big sister Britney.


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Not gonna last very long.


I also read that they played music from a boom box. You'd think with all the money they have they could afford at least a DJ. I love Britney but she makes weird decisions. :lol


I think she cares about other things more than the music... :mischief2 :whistle

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So with the money that girl makes she can't at least get a personal DJ? I mean, that reminds me of middle school parties I used to go when people would just play a bunch of CDs.



She did serve chicken wings and ribs so I doubt it was so huge formal thing. Plus, if you invite a DJ it's just one more person to spoil the party.

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Here is another article about it:




LOS ANGELES (Sept. 19) - Oops! Pop star Britney Spears did it again and got married for the second time this year -- this time to dancer Kevin Federline in a low-key ceremony Saturday at a private home in Studio City, California, a record-label executive confirmed on Sunday.


"Yes, I can tell you the happy couple got married yesterday," David Frostman of Jive Records, a British spokesman for Spears, told Reuters in London. Frostman declined to provide further details.


Spears, 22, and Federline, 26, surprised their parents with the unexpected ceremony which took place about 7:30 p.m. at the home of a tailor who had custom-made the tuxedos for the groom and other men in the wedding, according to a report on the Web site of Star magazine (www.starmagazine.com).


A publicist for the syndicated entertainment television show "Access Hollywood," which also carried a report of the nuptials on its Web site (www.accesshollywood.com), said that show organizers were with Spears' mother, Lynn, and her younger sister, Jamie Lynn on Saturday until 5 p.m. as they got ready for what they believed to be an "engagement dinner."


"Jamie Lynn died her hair back to its original color of brown and told the show that she couldn't wait to surprise her sister with the new look at the "dinner," the report on the Access Hollywood Web site stated.


Star reported that only 20 immediate family members attended the ceremony. Britney reportedly wore a strapless white dress designed by Monique L'Huillier, with a long veil and tiara, and she carried a bouquet of pink and white roses, the tabloid said. Five bridesmaids and a maid of honor all reportedly wore burgundy and carried red roses.


The couple exchanged rings and danced to Journey's "City by the Bay," the tabloid reported. Guests reportedly dined on chicken fingers, crab cakes, ribs, Waldorf salad.


U.S.-based publicists for the couple were not immediately available to comment on Sunday.


On January 2 of this year Spears married high school sweetheart Jason Alexander in an impromptu ceremony in Las Vegas. But the ill-fated marriage only lasted three days and was annulled on Jan. 5.


Spears and Federline announced their engagement in June. Federline has two children with former girlfriend actress Shar Jackson.

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I am a fan of Britney's and I hope she actually finds happiness in this marriage. But it gets to me that people don't value the meaning of marriage anymore. People in today's society get married for the heck of it and for what? They end up having a miserable marriage and end up divorcing in no time. The way I see it, at least get to know a person before you decide you're absolutely positively sure you want to marry them. People meet and then in two months they want to marry. I read somewhere that Pamela Anderson met Tommy Lee five days before tying the knot and look where that ended up.


Sure, there are exceptions. My sister got engaged 2 months after dating her husband and they have been happily married for 14 years.


But who am I to say that Britney isn't in love with this guy? I don't know her personally right? But we all know how Hollywood marriages are so I give this one maybe about 5 months.

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