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Legit autographs?


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Lowell's autograph on that card looks identical to the one on my ball that I had him autograph in person. Not sure about Pavano, i've never seen his auto before.



Nothin but hate for you. :whistle





lol i'm jus messin with ya man, just trying to get Lowell's autograph.

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Guest marlins02

Mike has a few versions of his signature... 573149[/snapback]


your right because the sig he gave me on one of my gloves is a little different from the one on that card. on mine, you really cant see the E in lowell, its just a little curve he did where the E is at. its really just the L with some curves after that and then you get the two L's.

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Some of you people are lucky to get their autos :|

I've only gotten Aguila, Seanez, Manzy, Mordecai (got him on his own ball and got him on a ball with the Manzy)


i've met manzy n mordi but never got autographs


They're nice, spoke with Mordi twice, Manzy once. Spoke a few words with AJ too.

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i havent gotten any of their autographs but mikeys looks exactly like the one in my shirt...but i've gotten castillos, lo duca, jacks, benitezs, and miguels autograph



lucky lucky girl



Don't worry fishy. You have Len's auto thanks to who??? :)


I have Castillo's also. I have Pudge, Brad Penny, & Samson (lol).


I got Niner's back in '97.

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