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Dueling dragons gave me the hugest headache.

The Hulk ride is pretty awesome....

That UFO looking thing is HORRIBLE! Ugh, i hate it...

Favorite ride of mine... well i don't have one, but anything that has to do with a HUGE ass drop, sounds good to me! :thumbup

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OMG...HANDS FREAKIN DOWN...the Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point!!! CRAZIEST RIDE EVER...I didnt see one single person get off that ride that wasnt like :w00t :w00t !!!! Im not kidding..if you havent been on it before...I seriously think driving all the way to the Great Lakes is worth it. Im sure they have a picture of it on CedarPoints website...you should check it out...It goes like 420ft straight up in the air!!! and then straight back down!!!...not to mention you hit 120mph twice! :thumbup

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Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.... Anything at Disney!



You suck at life.


Oblivion - Alton Towers, UK





is it?? cause when David Brent was asked what his biggest dissapointment in life was, he said Alton Towers, so i dont know.



Alton Towers is pretty awesome. Oblivion and Nemesis are worth the price of admission alone, IMHO.

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the spider-man ride was awesome the hulk and all the crazy roller coasters are awesome too....any crazy rides i ride slow, fast, stupid, good....w/e i ride the rides, i go crazy at all amusement parks, i went to house of terror last friday and my best friend almost threw up cuz i rode the rides non-stop one after the other...im telling u....crazy

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