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Suggestion for a New Board!


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There is already a thread for this:


How did you find MarlinsBaseball.com? the pinned topic on the Outfield Boards.


To start a whole new board just for new people would be silly. What would determine when they became 'old members'? When would they move off and where would their posts go?


Not everyone wants to tell all about themselves.


All will be revealed in good time.



If it ain't broke, .......

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With all the new members joining, I think we should have a board where just new members post and tell us about themselves. There are alot a new members that have joined but we have no idea who they are, what they like etc:



Just a thought :)



Does anyone else think this is a good idea?



You do realize a board like that will only lead to the creation of a Marlinsbaseball.com Vestibule. I don't think anyone wants another Vesti.

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Maybe a simple request to Members to up-date and make more complete their Profile. So many, including Veterans herein, give no informtion at all.


Sometimes I like to see where the Member/Poster is coming from. Age, interests and gender are interesting to me. I know "gender" is sensitive...


My Profile is not complete but it gives a good idea where I'm coming from.

I don't include my e-mail address because our PM capacity provides excellent communication.

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