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Locked out NHL players in my ADULT HOCKEY LEAGUE!!


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I had a hockey game tonight and I showed up about an hour earlier than I usually show up so I got to watch the team before us play. There was one guy who was just spectacular and on a whole other level than everyone else, I didn't recognize him or think much of it until one of my teammates goes "isn't Ed Jovanovski awesome?" and then it hit me... ED JOVANOVSKI PLAYS IN MY LEAGUE!!! A real NHL player, let alone a guy that I grew up watching plays in my league. Some guys are over in Europe, some guys are in the AHL, some guys are playing up in Canada... but Ed Jovanovski is playing in the same league as me right here in South Florida of all places, he must still have a house here from his days with the Panthers. The league i'm in has a 3 goal rule where a single player can only score 3 goals and after you score 3 any others don't count to prevent scores of like 15-2, needless to say Eddy had his 3 goals early in the first period... and the best part was I didn't have to pay 75 bucks for a seat :lol .


Also, Denis Potvin (Panthers TV analyst, NHL hall of famer, and 4-time Stanley Cup winner) and Pierre Racicot (NHL Ref) plays in the same league as well. I'm sure there are others that I just don't know about too.

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Jovo, man, I remember his rookie season. Absolutely sick. If this were the days of the Oilers teams of the 80s, JoVo would be a HOF for his point production. He is probably the top defensemen in the Western Conference.



Pierre Racicot is biased against the Panthers, maybe you should rough him up a little. :mischief




But man dood, you are so lucky.

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