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Calgary Cannons


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I know this isnt marlins talk but it kinda is since the Cannons was the Marlins farm team before they moved to Albequrqe...Just wondering how many of you guys followed the Cannons? I think I might start a petition to bring calgary back the cannons cause alot of people here in cow town is missing baseball! you think I should go for it? u have any other ideas i can do? thanks

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The Montreal Expos are going, going, g ...


The Triple-A Vancouver Canadians are now in Sacramento.


"Ottawa looks like they'll be next. Last year they drew 130,000 people. That's terrible. They'll probably play one more year and they'll be gone.


"We've lost Lethbridge in the Pioneer League and Medicine Hat is looking to leave.


"I can see the Toronto Blue Jays and the Edmonton Trappers being the only two teams left,'' he says, not including the Winnipeg Northern League team which is not affiliated and not on the real baseball map.


alot of canadian baseball teams are leaving....kind of sad

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Hey CMF: I'm from New Orleans and saw the Cannons play the Zephyrs several times. I worked in the PA booth and was the only one in the room who knew the words to O CANADA.

I still have my Calgary Cannons cap.

I was sad to see both Calgary and Edmonton lose their teams; now with the minor-league affiliation shuffle New Orleans has basically Edmonton's old team.

I e-mailed the Marlins asking why they renewed their agreement with Albuquerque rather than move their affiliaiton closer (like New Orleans) and never received a reply.

One of the downfalls of being a minor-league baseball fan; teams move, affiliations change, players never stay, etc.

And with no hcokey it's got to be a sad time up there.

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