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Piazza Vs Mota [vid]

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Best part was Piazza flashing the upside down diamond at Mota. I love how he high tailed it ot the dugout, if you're going to hit a guy on purpose don't puss out and run away.



I agree to an extent, but Mota also had like 3-4 guys all going after him specifically. If you have Burnitz, Piazza, Wiggington (and one other guy I saw too) all coming after you, I think you're better off running. It's not like Burnitz, Wiggington (and the other guy) were going out there to break up the fight.



But, Mets fans, don't worry, we're still much better than you. We won't ever hit any of your players because it won't make a difference. Having a 15-4 record against you does a lot more damage than a 97 MPH fastball.

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Piazza vs Mota? I never saw Mota standing up and facing Piazza, he was running like a girl the entire time.


Motq toothpick, piazza was critisezed for charging mota and doing nothing to clemons




It's because Clemens is built and would have beaten the daylights out of Piazza. That would have been a sight... but Clemens would have made Piazza cry like the little girl that he is. Of course he goes after Mota... a lanky, skinny guy.

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Clemens isn't built, he's a fatass. And the reason Mike didn't charge him was because it was the World Series and he would have been costing his team a chance at the championship.




Clemens is not a fatass. He's in amazing shape, especially for someone his age. Mike wouldn't have charged him even in spring training or the regular season. Mota threw a ball at Piazza, Clemens threw a BAT. Come on, he threw a bat!!! He's a little girl, and Clemens would have made him cry like one if he would have charged the mound.

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