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Seriously, what was Robert De Niro thinking?


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'Godsend' is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.. What was Bobby D thinking?


The child actor was horrible. Rebecca Romijn Stamos was horrible. DeNiro (cringe) does not have the ability to portray a mad scientist--doesn't work for me.


The only decent acting was done by Greg Kinnear...And even that was iffy.

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Sometimes when you sign a movie deal today, you are required to also do a lesser movie. A similar thing happened to Bruce Willis recently.


I hope they don't do a Taxi Driver sequel, I really don't see a need for it. The movie was a classic. Plus, Jodie Foster is like 40 now. :laughpurple

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last good, i mean great, piece of work he did was "Heat".


that flick rocks.



That movie should be standard viewing for all people interested in acting.

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I liked Heat.. though I was pulling like hell for De Niro to kill Pacino.. lol



Some movies after Heat that I liked:


Sleepers was a good flick, imo


Ronin was ok.. City by the Sea was ok..


I liked Jackie Brown a lot..


The Score was entertaining.. 15 mintues was eh..


He was pretty convincing in Men of honor



I really hope he gets a role that gets him another Oscar to solidfy his legacy as one of, if not, the best actor of all-time.

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