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Len Kasper on T.V.


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hey brandman, 2 things Comcast in Davie just picked up a new line up with a few added stations and now we have wgn, but i lost HBO SHowtime and Cinemax, beacuse i had it illegal. As for Kasper it doesnt seem right listening to him brodcast for the cubbies, great voice but wrong team.

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I was ecstatic when I got the letter in the mail from Comcast with the new channel lineup. I've never had WGN and now I do... The main reason I've always wanted it is to catch a few extra Giants games (when they play the Cubs), but it's just cool to have another channel that shows baseball.. not to mention the fact that I can listen to Len all year now.

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I have a question, is it for regular cable now too or only broadband (both comcast)?



I have the basic cable package with Comcast, and I just got it. So my guess is that it's become part of their regular package.



awesome news, what channel!? :lol

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Very nice. We will all miss Len. He can always come back if the Cubs and Chicago get to be a pain in the behind. However, Len wanted to be on WGN's Superstation. Now he will be seen nationwide.


I wish him luck, but it hurts he went to the Cubs.


Now, Rich Waltz should come out well on Opening Day. FSN has that game and he will get hyped up by all the action at Dolphins Stadium. He has vocal chords and he can use them. He did what Craig does now back with the Mariners and he can yell. I expect the quiet booth at Dolphins Stadium later in the year to make him get more comfortable like Len did.


When Len first got here I remember that first game on PAX. The first commercial was for Vista Memorial Gardens Funeral Home and Cemetary. They came back and started. They had not done much more than 3 spring games and they did that 2002 Opener pretty well. He really grew in 2003.


I hope that Len is allowed to grow in Chicago. However, knowing how Cubs fans detest us as Marlins fans and anything Marlins....I don't expect Len to last long. He will defend our honor and that may get him in trouble. I hope he doesn't get dealt that card though. He deserves the national attention.

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