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Pierre sits!?!

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hahaha he looked like a little kid pouting on the bench when they showed him in the first inning lol. yeah mckeon spoke with cunningham during spring training and they thought it woudl be best that if he made it into the lineup opening day to get him a day off early just to make sure, cause its like pointless if they did it 55-60 games into the season. well planned day off, although, who knows if we woulda won tonight with him in, but who knows if he woulda injured himself if he played tonight.... :whistle

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From the Palm Beach Post:

Pierre's streak of consecutive starts snapped

By Brian Biggane


Palm Beach Post Staff Writer


Sunday, April 10, 2005


MIAMI GARDENS ? Manager Jack McKeon knew Juan Pierre wouldn't be happy when he found out he wasn't going to be in the starting lineup Saturday. So he went ahead and told him Friday night.


"He went crazy," McKeon related. "(He said), 'I'm OK. I'm OK.' "


McKeon said he replied, " 'I know you're OK. Take a day.' "


Pierre was the only player in the major leagues to play every inning of every game last season, a feat accomplished by only two other players (Cal Ripken and Travis Fryman) since 1971. His streak of consecutive innings ended at 1,699, going back to Sept. 21, 2003.


Pierre missed three weeks of spring training with a calf injury and McKeon said it was then that he and trainer Sean Cunningham decided Pierre would have some days off early in the season.


"We didn't want him to get reinjured," McKeon said.


"We've got a good ballclub; we want to give a few of these guys a day off. We've got a different setup here; we got (Damion) Easley sitting on the bench, (Jeff) Conine sitting on the bench, we've got to give those guys a chance to play too. Maybe we couldn't do that in the past."


Both Easley and Conine got their first starts of the year as McKeon also rested second baseman Luis Castillo. Conine played right field for the first time since he returned to the team two years ago. Easley played second and Juan Encarnacion took over for Pierre in center.


Pierre ultimately extended his club-record streak of consecutive games to 329 when he entered the game to play center field to start the eighth inning.


Pierre declined to speak to the media before the game and McKeon said during pre-game warm-ups Pierre was still upset enough to be giving him dirty looks. Utilityman Lenny Harris said his act was going a bit too far.


"I won't pay him any attention," Harris said. "He's a man; he's got to grow up."


There was plenty of speculation how Pierre would act around his teammates in such an unusual position.


"I know he loves to play," first baseman Carlos Delgado said. "He'll be bored today."


"He'll probably drive me crazy," McKeon added.


The schedule will make it easier on McKeon to give Pierre two more off-days this month, as the Marlins are off Thursday and April 25.


"You lay off for a long period of time, (play) five days in a row, it's time to give him a day here, a day off next week, another day off the week after," McKeon said.


"He's probably mad at me today. By the end of the year he'll probably be happy with it."


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And from the Sun-Sentinel:


Rare day off no picnic for plucky Pierre


Streak ends after 1,700 innings


By Juan C. Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Posted April 10 2005


MIAMI GARDENS ? Manager Jack McKeon left Juan Pierre's name off the lineup card the last game of last season. He did it as a joke, considering Pierre had played every inning of every game.


Saturday, McKeon wasn't kidding.


Pierre's streak of 1,700 consecutive innings played came to end as McKeon left the center fielder off the starting lineup. Working his way back from a strained calf muscle, Pierre learned of McKeon's plan Friday night.


"It happens," said Pierre, who would not address the subject in any depth before the game.


After consulting with the training staff, McKeon thought it prudent to give Pierre a day off this week. Pierre missed all but a fraction of spring training with the calf injury. Through his first four games, he was 3 for 16 with one RBI.


"He wants to play, but we want him the whole year," McKeon said. "You've got to admire him. He wants to play. On the other hand you have to understand, too, he laid off for a long period of time. He had five days in a row, and it was an ideal time to give him a day here. ... He wouldn't have [played every inning] this year. You don't get any prize for that."


Though his consecutive-inning streak ended, Pierre's consecutive games played run is alive at 340. He entered Saturday in the eighth inng as a defensive replacement.


Only Baltimore's Miguel Tejada has a longer active streak (761).


Since joining the team in 2003, Pierre has appeared in every game and owns the franchise record for consecutive games played, having eclipsed Derrek Lee's run of 315 games. The only other time Pierre didn't start was on April 30, 2003, in Arizona. He appeared in that game as a pinch hitter.


"He's looking over there giving me a dirty look," a chuckling McKeon said as he watched Pierre stretch during pregame. "He's a good kid. You have to admire his competitiveness."




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Well, he didn't really come in half-way through. He came into the game in the 8th inning.


What was accomplished, in my opinion, was resting him for 7 innings and giving Conine a few more ab's under his belt.



Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me lolololol


I happen to agree that getting other guys some playing time isn't the worst thing in the world to do, I'm just not sure Jack handled it properly (and that's said by someone who has never second-guessed McKeon publically before). Frankly, if McKeon was so adamant about sitting the guy he could have used Aguila in right (later in the game) and moved Enc to CF (or viceversa), allowing JP to pinch hit in the ninth. But admittedly hindsight is 20/20.

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:( Poor JP but he has to understand that they do not want to get him injured or he could miss more than just 1 game. I understand him not wanting to sit out..heck I wish every player would have the competitiveness that JP has, but he should realize they don't want to risk injury. [/b] [/color]
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