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Debates Round 2 Matchup 4


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Here's how it goes. Each side makes their opening argument. One side goes first. Once the other side goes, the first side may post again and defend his argument. You can only go again once the opposing side gets to speak. You've got about 48 hours.


ONLY the competitors of this specific debate, the judges and myself may post in this thread.


At the end the judges will privately vote on a winner.


This debate ends 6:00 PM Eastern on 4/12.


Topic: When Jeff Conine retires, should his number be retired?


Yes - farmer_fran


No - jonnylons


Either side may begin.

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Sorry it took so long for me to post this I've been a little busy...


Jeff Conine is Mr. Marlin, and when he retires he should be recognized by the team that he helped put on the map. In the first 3 or 4 years of the marlins existence Jeff Conine was the face of the Marlins. His nickname Mr. Marlin displays that fact. The Marlins expansion year was Jeff Conine's first full season in the majors. Conine played all 162 games that year, while hitting .292 with 12 homers and 79 dingers, and establishing himself as a good major league hitter.


Over the next 3 years though he was not just a good hitter he was one of the elite hitters in the league. The 1994 strike shortened season was Conine's breakout season. In only 115 games Conine hit .319 with 18 homers and 82 rbis with an OPS of .898. He also made his 1st of 2 all-star appearances in 1994. In 1995 Conine continued to get better. He hit .302, while swatting 25 homers, and knocking in 105 runs, with an OPS of .899. He also made his 2nd all-star game in 1995. In this all-star game he hit a home run that ended up being the difference for the national league, and won MVP of the all-star game. A moment marlins fans will never forget. In 1996 he continued to hit, he set a career high in homers with 26 and batted .293. He could've easily made his 3rd straight all-star game, but was an unfortunate snub. From 1994-1996 Jeff Conine was the heart and soul of the marlins, and along with Gary Sheffield carried the marlins offensively.


In 1997 Conine was moved from left field to 1st base. Although Conine had experience at 1st base, he had spent most of his time in the outfield for the last 5 years. All Conine did in 1997 was become one of the top defensive 1st baseman in the league. When Conine was asked to split time with lefty Darren Daulton late in the season not a word of protest was made by the 2-time all-star. Niner always does what's best for the team, and he was an integral part of that 1997 championship team.


Conine was traded to the Kansas City Royals in 1998, but that would not be the last we'd see of Mr. Marlin. He returned on August 31, 2003 when Mike Lowell went down with a broken hand. Niner was changing positions again, this time back to left field. All he did was make some of the most spectacular plays I've ever seen a left fielder make. His unbelievable catch at Veterans Stadium up against the wall. Robbing a home run in game 3 of the NLCS, and the play that will go down in history as one of the most exciting finishes in the history of not only the marlins but the playoffs period, he gunned down JT Snow at the plate, and sent the Marlins to the NLCS. His bat also was a big part of the marlins 2003 playoff run. His numbers weren't that great in September, but when the fish were playing the team that they were battling for that Wild Card spot, the Phillies, Conine took it upon himself to carry the offense. In the playoffs he lead all starters with a .367 batting average.


Jeff Conine is in the top 5 in the marlins all-time Batting Average, Home runs, RBIs, Runs, Hits, Doubles, and Exra Base hits lists. He has provided many of the most memorable moments in marlins history. He was the face of the Marlins when the team was just getting going, and the team wasn't very good, and now has been with team for it's greatest moment. He is the only player to be on both Championship teams He is Mr. Marlin and should be recognized for all the great things he's done for this organization.

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