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Top 10 places to see a game


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1. Yankee Stadium

2. Fenway Park

3. Chicago Stadium (demolished in 1995)

4. Tiger Stadium (closed in 1999)

5. Giants Stadium

6. Gillette Stadium

7. Dodger Stadium

8. Cleveland's Municipal Stadium (demolished in 1996)

9. Oakland Coliseum

10. Conseco Fieldhouse



For the whole article: http://msn.foxsports.com/other/story/3523746


It's blasphemy that the Boston Garden and MSG aren't on the list.

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It's Fox Sports, so there's a reason to disregard it right off the bat, but I agree, MSG needs to be on there, and why no Wrigley? Cubs fans suck but when you think baseball, the three places that jump to mind are Fenway, Yankee Stadium and Wrigley. I mean, the A's want out of the Coliseum and you're going to make it #9 out of all stadiums?!? Ridiculous...

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Guest Fritz

3. Chicago Stadium (demolished in 1995)




Conseco Fieldhouse must be really nice.


I got a brick from Chicago Stadium. This cop gave me one when I was up in Chicago when I was there around its demolition time.

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