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Adopted Marlins


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I've seen other fansites do an adopt a player type thing.


You have a draft, in which the top posters get first selections and so on and so forth.


Minor league players can be drafted as well.


Anyways, you put the player in your sig along with his stats and any newsbits there might be. This is a good way to see how a minor leaguer is developing or how the major league players are performing.


Just thought I'd suggest it.

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Guest Juanky

Juanky just thinks it's fun cause he'd a have a top 3 choice...




Well, i'd actually think itd be fun as well


It's not like I'd be picking Miguel Cabrera

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What happens if Juanky gets Conine, I get LoDuca and Ramp gets Ryan Jorgensen? Total chaos. Can we trade? Wait until July and trade Paulie for Willingham and a 6th starter. Oh yeah!


Seriously... this hurts the bandwagon hoppers. With the sig restrictions as they are the Marlin of the month/week/day/inning won't get proper 'dap'.

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Guest Juanky

For the record, I don't especially hate any Marlins. I just hate the way the masses look at them :) Hence, Miguel's free pass on defense and everyone clammoring for Jeff when Enc is tearing the cover off the ball.


However, I think it will work, because the top guys probably wouldn't be selecting the biggest names. I'd say Ramp would take Willy, Admin would take Jorg, I'd take Enc, Mota, or one of the minor league arms, etc. The middle drafters would probably get Juanpy, Miguel, Mikey, and the big names. That way we get to spread knowledge on some of the unknowns to the lesser knowing members, and the middle names can get more attention with the big guns.


If we redraft every Spring Training, we could def increase recognition of lesser known players both on the major league club and in the minors.

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